Picture 2Can being green be sassy, sexy and fun? The website, Green and Clean Mom, seems to think so.

I was sent this site the other day by our creative director, Luis Medina. He made some great points about engaging with moms when trying to grow your green cause.

Mom bloggers have a fast-growing influence in the blogosphere and among consumers. And it’s easy to understand why, because moms are:

  1. Very opinionated
  2. Passionate about creating a better world for their children, which benefits us all
  3. Fond of telling everybody what they should do :)
  4. Eager to empower themselves and channel their inner mom-goddess
  5. Controllers of household finances
  6. Influencers of daily, home-based habits with far-reaching effects (what to eat, how to clean, how to live efficiently, how to save money etc.)

Unquestionably, green marketers have a lot to gain by reaching out to mom bloggers and leveraging their influence. But it’s important to remember: building these relationships requires smarts, sensitivity and lots of respect.

Unfortunately, lots of marketers get this last part wrong. To avoid being put in time out, always be transparent, avoid the pitch, and make sure you are providing the author with information you think is newsworthy to her audience. She’ll appreciate that.

As an example of the power and diversity found in blogging moms, I pulled this list from 10 Links a Day. They list 10 popular blogs each day in a variety of categories. This one happened to be on green mom bloggers.


Click on the image to visit the site.

  1. Enviromom
    Raising green kids
  2. OrganicMania
    Your guide to making sense of healthy green living
  3. The Green Mom Review
    For eco-fabulous living
  4. Green & Clean Mom
    How being green can be sassy, sexy and fun
  5. EcoStoreUSA
    Healthy body, healthy mind…and then some
  6. The Smart Mama
    Simple steps to non-toxic kids
  7. Mom Go Green
    Musings of a mom on a quest for a healthy family and planet
  8. Healthy Tot
    Healthy ideas, product info and comments about babies, tots and little ones
  9. Green Mamas Pad
  10. Greeen Sheeep
    Just another lost sheep wandering this planet, trying to find my way back to a more eco-friendly, simple, sustainable way of life.

Do you know of  a blogging green mom that didn’t make the list? Please let us know below.