Our son Parker emailed me the other day that some guy they call a “Social media guru” by the name of Chris Brogan was coming to his school, Chapman University, to give a talk. Like 100,000 other Brogan followers, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about social media from Chris. So I encouraged Parker, a senior in film production, to catch Brogan’s presentation. There is no doubt that social media – as it has with all marketing, business and communication – will have a profound impact on the film business.

This morning Parker sent me a link to Chris Brogan’s presentation at Chapman. As advertised, it’s 51 minutes of great insight into why and how individuals and companies should approach social media.

So given that it’s the weekend, grab a beer, or your beverage of choice, and do yourself a favor: Watch Brogan’s presentation. It’s thoughtful and filled with great advice, some of which I’ve shared below.

Chris Brogan Speaks at Chapman University from Brandtailers on Vimeo.

Chris Brogan gems from his presentation include:

  1. Social media creates, “Serendipitous connections to big opportunities.”
  2. Unlike past advertising, “You no longer have to be the beautiful people to be famous.”
  3. “We all have stories that we can equip other people. That’s power. That’s magic.”
  4. “Does it take more time? Hell yes. Does it take more money? No, lots less. But it does take a lot of sweat equity and it does take being human. That’s the tricky part.”
  5. Social media is “Mass micro evangelism…It’s a phone versus a bullhorn.”
  6. “Be there before the sale. Get to know me before you sell me.”
  7. “Share versus horde.”
  8. “Give your ideas handles.”

And one of my favorite Brogan thoughts: “What we do best in America is, ‘We get it done.'”

Now I guess I should finally crack his book, “Trust Agents,” that’s been beckoning me from my desk for the past couple of weeks.

Thanks Chris!