Buy a BoGo and Give Two Presents

Buy a BoGo Light and Give Two Presents

Are you just starting to think about what you might be giving for gifts this Holiday season? Yah, me too. But I got a great tip from this morning. They showed me the BoGo Light, which is a pretty cool looking solar powered flashlight.  Living in Arizona, it’s a no brainer. I can replace the darkened flashlights in my cabinets and garage, and presumably keep one fully-charged solar light at hand at all times.

What’s especially cool, is that when you buy a BoGo Light from their online store, you can click the “Give Twice” button. It allows you to purchase a second light at a reduced price and donate it to one of their many charities, including literacy, environment, healthcare, schools and others.

Check out the BoGo solar lights in action.

Picture 3

Don’t tell them, but some of my family members will be finding a BoGo under the tree this year with another one benefiting the troops. Don’t worry. I’m not giving away any secrets. Like most of the world, they rarely read my blog.

Ho, Ho, Ho!