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How to create and tell great stories that sell

I stepped onto the stage, throat dry, underarms moist. My adrenalin level rivaled that of a hyperactive 3-year-old hopped up on Lucky Charms. This was the largest gathering I had ever trained on how to amplify success in sales and marketing through The Power of Story. Over 3,500 entrepreneurs had flown from more than 140 countries, most arriving the night before. They gathered in the ballroom of the Gaylord National Resort in Washington DC for Forever Living Products’ annual International…


How to tap online social media for FREE green video distribution

Why aren’t more companies using free online social media tools to distribute their training and marketing videos? It’s an absolute no-brainer.  You immediately reduce or eliminate video duplication costs, because there is no expense for online downloads to your customers and colleagues. Shipping costs and its carbon footprint virtually disappear.  And labor costs for handling are gone. We created a video podcast for one very forward thinking company in Scottsdale, AZ, Forever Living Products (FLP), to distribute marketing, training and…

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