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You Don’t Have To Be A Green Marketer To Green Your Marketing.

“How To Reduce Your Carbon & Hype Footprints” Presentation Is Now Available On SlideShare Are you trying to get the attention of the Millennial generation (ages 13 – 29)? If so, did you know that 76% of this powerful market feels that it’s important or very important for brands to get involved in the green movement, according to a recent study by Generate Insight? What about other consumer segments, like the LOHAS, Naturalites and Drifters? What are their sensibilities and…


You Can Now Link to My Green Webinar: “How to Reduce Your Carbon & Hype Footprints”

Whether your company is a green marketing machine, or you simply want to green your marketing, my presentation from iLinc’s inaugural iGreen virtual conference is for you. You’ll learn the four ways you can reduce the carbon footprint of your marketing efforts while becoming an ambassador for green: Digital vs. Digits: Reducing ink and paper consumption with a digital strategy. Buying Carbon Offsets: Offset the carbon your advertising efforts are creating with simple carbon offset purchases. Greening Your Website: FREE…


What Shade of Green, if any, is Your Personal Brand?

Is your personal brand driven by business or ego? I was considering this question the other day while mowing the lawn, listening to my iPod, when the best example of a personal brand rang through my ears: Johnny Cash’s, “Man in Black.” Certainly every person willing to put themselves on stage has a strong sense of self.  And at the same time, they can leverage their personal brand to do great things. Johnny Cash knew his niche, and therefore his…