Build, craft, hack, play, make. An apt description for the annual Maker Faire. If you’re ever looking for a creative and a curiously inspirational weekend getaway to the Bay area, then I highly recommend this event on May 30 & 31 at the San Mateo Fair Grounds.

My good friend Paul Herrick, who is a “Maker” in his own right, invited me and my boys to join him and his nephew two springs ago for the faire. It’s filled with inventors, dreamers, musicians, film makers, mad scientists, Burning Man adventurists, eco-wonks, environmentalists, artisans, steampunks, robot makers…you name it.  And it’s expanding.

Maker Faire has developed a growing online community, to include:

  •, an online magazine dedicated to Makers and their craft
  • Projects you can do at home
  • The Maker Shed store where you can find some of the most bizarre crafts and tools going, like the Twitchie Robot Kit, or the Leatherman “Squirt” S4.
  • Inventive podcasts and forums
  • And of course, the Maker blog, which often features cool videos like this one of incredible project you can do at home with your kids, dog, loved one, whomever.

One of the most intriguing artists at the Maker Faire, and one I’ve blogged about before, “Artist Creates Recycling Message from Dump,” is Nemo Gould.


All off his neumatic scultpures are created from recycled items. He actually did a stint as “Artist in Residence” at the San Francisco dump last summer. It’s artisans like Nemo that made the Maker Faire one of the most interesting and entertaining events I have ever attended. I rate it a solid five amp’d balls.

Check out the entire photo album of Maker Faire.