In addition to my golf ball retriever from our son, the college student, and a really happening World of Warcraft illustration from our high school son that superimposes my head, and the heads of some of our managers, over WOW characters, all under the Park&Co logo of our agency, my wife gave me a subscription to Earth Cinema Circle.

I had not heard of this, the Netflix of environmental films, before. Have you? If not, they’re worth the price of admission.

As a new member to Earth Cinema Circle, I will receive a new DVD with four films every other month. As their site says:

“There are thousands of wonderful films made each year that celebrate the natural wonders of our planet…But unless you make it to lots of film festivals, you’ve probably never seen these movies, videos and documentaries.  Earth Cinema Circle is created to bring those environmental film festivals to your home.”

My first DVD includes, “Summer Storm,” (not to be confused with the foreign film about gay lovers on a rowing team that I found by the same name on YouTube),  “The Story of Stuff,” “Red Gold,” and “Addicted to Plastic” (you can see its trailer below).

Ed Begley Jr. is a spokesman for the organization, and he is relentless in reminding us that it’s the little things we do that make the difference.

“By making small adjustments to our daily routines, like using cloth towels and napkins instead of paper, or a steel water bottle instead of plastic, our savings can add up.”

And it’s more than just an environmental film club. Earth Cinema Circle’s mission is to feature films that will inspire people to make a difference.  Each DVD includes a special section that provides practical information on how to make a difference related to the subjects of each of the films.

Green marketers can learn from how these environmental messages are presented: Entertainment first, ecology second.  One begets the other.

I’m giving Earth Cinema Circle “Two Thumbs Ups.” What do you think of the place?