Picture 2Everyone knows a camel is just a horse designed by a committee. But collaboration is critical to success of any organization. So how do you bring together your best minds and tap their wisdom in a collaborative forum that creates Triple Crown Race Horse ideas and not something on four legs that spits at you?

There is a new online platform called Collaborize that offers you the ability to collaborate with your best and your brightest within your organization and those brilliant minds outside of your walls.

Our friend Richard Lang is Chairman & CEO of Democrasoft, the creator of Collaborize, and he has always been on the bleeding edge of digital media. In 1983, he co-invented the world’s first dual-deck VCR. Four years later he invented and patented a solution for delivering video and audio programs over electronic networks, which created the foundation for video-on-demand. Richard has a passion for using technology to empower people, and I have little doubt this new venture is going to be a huge success. You can learn more about Richard and his vision on his “Wisdom of We” blog.

In the meantime, checkout Collaborize and see how you can put the power of online collaborization to work for your organization, environmental cause, fund-raising effort, sustainable marketing campaign, church, non-profit, you name it. Then let me know how it’s working for you. (No, I’m not getting paid to promote Collaborize, nor have I ever been on Richard’s payroll, although my wife did work for him in his Go-Video days. It’s just that I’ve been blown away by everything he creates, and I thought you might benefit from his new vision, the “Wisdom of We”).