I can hear the Hollywood pitch now. “Think of this epic 3.5 minute video as The Discovery Channel’s ‘Planet’ meets ‘Spinal Tap.'”

Heal the Bay produced this poignant mockumentary capturing the miraculous journey of a wayward plastic bag. It’s improbable but true migration begins in the parking lot of a Southern California Safeway and ends hundreds of miles off shore in the Pacific Gyre.

“The Majestic Plastic Bag” is brilliant green marketing: the must see, feel bad hit of the summer. It draws attention to the destructive nature of this seemingly harmless plebian bag without getting all eco high and mighty on us. But really, bags don’t kill sea life. People do.

Their plea:

“Help stop our 19 billion bag-a-year habit in California and put an end to plastic pollution.”

The short film educates by being entertaining. I think after watching this clever production even the most cynical consumer that throws environmental caution to the wind can appreciate the impact a feather-weight plastic bag has on the environment.

If this fun film doesn’t convince you, then check out these horrific images by Chris Jordan.

So what’s it going to be: Paper, plastic or canvas?