Wines of the San Juan is just east of Farmington, NM

Wines of the San Juan is in Blanco, New Mexico, just east of Farmington

I’m the first to admit that I like wine, but don’t really know much about them. I like wineries. There’s just something about the combination of agriculture, and ingenuity, and the varieties, and the wine. I like the people that own and run wineries. They’re interesting. It’s their passion for the business that seems unique to vintners.

Last March, on the return from our annual Spring Break skiing trip to Telluride, we stopped at Michele’s aunt and uncle’s winery: Wines of the San Juan.

David & Marcia Arnold invite you to their Harvest Festival, Sept. 26 & 27

David & Marcia Arnold invite you to their Harvest Festival, Sept. 26 & 27

David and Marcia Arnold, with the help of their immediate family, have built this winery with their own hands. They are one of the most talented families I have ever met; a mix of artisans, craftsmen, and winemakers. They cleared the acres of 8-feet-tall brush. Planted the vineyards. Purchased a used sawmill and built their own structures. Almost all of their building materials are either culled from the land around them, or is recycled or re-purposed. It’s a fascinating and eclectic place tucked on the banks of the world-class fly fishing waters of the San Juan River, in north central New Mexico,  just east of Farmington.

They have built an absolutely welcoming retreat.

The San Juan River and its world-class fly fishing

The world-class fly fishing water of the San Juan River

The weather was a little dreary when we stopped by in March, so we’re looking forward to our return to Wines of the San Juan for its annual Harvest Festival on September 26 & 27. You’re all invited. And don’t forget to bring your fishing pole.

Wines of the San Juan may have not have yet made Greenopia’s list of the top 10 green wineries. But I’m sure they will soon. The top ten rankings were developed based on the following factors: green fruit, eco-friendly wine packing, growing practices, production and transportation, and environmental certifications.

Here’s the full top 10 list:

1. Alma Rosa (3 out of 4 leaves)

2. French Rabbit (3 out of 4 leaves)

3. Frog’s Leap (3 out of 4 leaves)

4. Benzinger (2 out of 4 leaves)

5. Demetria (2 out of 4 leaves)

6. Franzia (2 out of 4 leaves)

7. Grgich Hills (2 out of 4 leaves)

8. Bonny Doon (1 out of 4 leaves)

9. Cakebread (1 out of 4 leaves)

10. Kendall Jackson (1 out of 4 leaves)

Do you have a favorite winery that’s tucked out of the way, or is doing the business a little differently? Let us all know with a comment below.


Wines of the San Juan offers 11 different red and white wines

Wines of the San Juan offers 11 different red and white wines