Picture 1You often hear of censorship, but you never think it’s going to happen to you. We got hit by it the other day. And I’m curious what you think?

We created this ad as part of the new campaign for Adelante Healthcare and their brand of sustainable healthcare.

Sustainable healthcare is more than just about green marketing. Adelante’s brand is a three-parter:

  1. Sustaining the health of individual patients
  2. Sustaining the availability of comprehensive healthcare to everyone, including the uninsured
  3. Sustaining the health of our planet through “green” practices

The “Coverage” ad, as well call it, is all about sustaining the availability of healthcare. In our attempts to cut through the mass din of advertising in general, and especially all of the expected ads that befall the healthcare industry, this was our solution.

Some media ran it as is, while others – including the major newspaper, the major outdoor company, and the major city – made us cover up the crack. In some instances, the censorship came in one-inch increments, as we reluctantly closed his robe little-by-little until the ad was approved.

What do you think. Did we go too far with this ad? Do you find it offensive, hysterical, or somewhere in between? What story does it tell you about Adelante Healthcare?

As we always say at Park&Co, “If we’re not making palms sweat, we’re not doing our job.”