We flew Santa. Fired up the fire pits. Pitched our movie screen and projector on the front lawn. Rolled out the chili dogs. Heated up the hot chocolate. Iced down the “beverages”. And welcomed our neighbors, families and friends to our 4th annual Howell/Barker Holiday Party.

We added something new this year. We asked Goodwill to drop off four large, blue donation bins. Everyone got to play Santa by heaping the bins full of great stuff, just in time for the Holidays.

A Goodwill Neighborhood Christmas Party from ParkHowell.com on Vimeo.

Your Stuff is Another Person’s Treasure

The economy has been a bit Grinchy for great organizations like Goodwill. Donations are down. Sales are up. And they need good people like you to expand their inventory. You’re stuff is doing more than just stocking Goodwill shelves. You’re helping put people back to work through Goodwill’s mission of workforce development.  Many people think Goodwill basically employs folks to fix toasters in the back of their stores. Actually, Goodwill helps train and place thousands of people into the Arizona workforce. You can be proud that 100% of the dollars raised from your donation stay with the Goodwill organization.

There’s a Scrooge Lurking Too

I know those unmarked donation bins dotting dusty street corners and vacant lots look like pretty convenient places to drop your stuff. But did you know that if you’re not careful, your stuff will go directly to a FOR PROFIT thrift operation? No one but the owners benefit from your donations. Or, if they have “Big hearts,” they may give a small percentage of the proceeds to a charity. So it’s worth repeating: When you donate to Goodwill – at any of the 40+ stores in central Arizona, or at a donation center – ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the revenue from your donation remains with Goodwill to help put people back to work.

Donate to Goodwill for Your 2009 Taxes

If giving the gift of your stuff isn’t already a big enough incentive, how about a tax break? Remember, you have now until the end of the year to donate to Goodwill and enjoy that write-off.

Any Season is a Great Time for a Neighborhood Donation Party

Why doesn’t Goodwill pick-up in your neighborhood? Well, it simply doesn’t work in their business model. By encouraging its shoppers and friends to drop their stuff by a store or donation center, Goodwill is able to use more of the revenue for workforce development and less on operations. So if you’re considering having a large neighborhood gathering, call Goodwill about dropping off some donation bins. One truck full of donations leaving your community is certainly worth the effort.

So please help make a happy and prosperous New Year for all by donating your stuff to Goodwill.