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In September 2015, Michael Stelzner and his team at Social Media Examiner courageously invited me to present my Business of Story workshop at Social Media Marketing World ’16, the largest gathering of social media professionals on the planet.

Michael even had me on his podcast the Friday before the big event: Story for Business: How to Create Stories That Move People to Act.

I say they were courageous because they didn’t know me from Adam. Neither did the audience.

They first scheduled me for the small room of 100 or less folks. Made sense to me.

They phoned a few weeks later and said they’d already received 250 RSVPs for the workshop, so they moved me to a larger room.

Then, a week before the gig, my story workshop was moved into the ballroom. And one hour before I went on, they had to open up a wall and plug in a supplemental screen for the overflow of attendees.

To me it looked like 1.5 million people attended my first workshop (I think it was more around 600).

I was astonished. Again, it wasn’t me they came to see. It was the movement of storytelling in business that caught their attention.

And rightly so. Storytelling is what puts the “social” in social media. Stories make your content memorable.

Today’s SEO is about story engagement optimization.

Search engine optimization is about gaming the analytics to get your content to rise to the top. But to keep it there with your audiences coming back for more requires story engagement optimization.

In fact, I told you a story at the top of this post to underscore an important business point: Your audiences cannot resist a well told story. Stories turn content into man connection and move people to action.

Story Marketing: How to Craft and Tell Compelling Stories That Sell

I’m back! The good folks at Social Media Marketing World have invited me for an encore performance. Join me on Wednesday, March 22, from noon to 1:30 pm (MST) to learn how to put story marketing to work for you.

I’m excited because this workshop has evolved a great deal since last year as more brands are using stories to their advantage.

3 primary takeaways from this interactive “How To” 90-minute session:

  1. Appreciate why story marketing is more important now than ever to rise above the noise of the Attention Economy
  2. Apply the proven Story Cycle system to clarify your brand story and differentiate you from your competition
  3. Learn how to recognize your unique stories and spin them into gold for your personal and/or professional brand

I promise to reignite within you the one true superpower well possess – storytelling – to help you nudge the world in any direction you choose.

Here’s what some of last year’s attendees had to say about the workshop.

“As a copywriter, I understand how difficult crafting your brand story can be. Park demystifies the process and walks you step-by-step through the writing process. (Or shall we say the unearthing process, because guess what, your brand story is already there.) Once you nail your brand story, all your communications fall into place. This is worth your time!”

Anne McColl, Copywriter & Brand Strategist

Anne even created this graphic of the Story Cycle process on the fly. Thank you, Anne!

“Parks class at SMMW16 was instrumental in getting myself in the “story” mindset, which has affected all our company’s messaging. Each week I benefit from his Business of Story podcast.

– Jim Petersen, publisher of Garden Design Magazine

“My first pick was “How to Craft and Tell Compelling Brand Stories That Sell” by Park Howell. It was a blast. Park was leading his workshop brilliantly, had very interesting insights, and planned his work in ideal fashion.”

– Jan Zając from his article.



If you would like a customized, personalized Business of Story workshop for you and/or your firm, please check out your options here.

Story on!