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Sally Hogshead, New York Times bestselling author, Hall of Fame speaker, chief executive officer of Fascinate, Inc

#91: How To Define Your Most Fascinating Story

#91: How To Define Your Most Fascinating Story

How would you go about creating a brand story for a person? Would you be able to sell an individual’s personal story or even your own?

We at Business of Story focus on teaching storytelling and branding techniques for media marketers, advertisers, nonprofits, and other business-oriented organizations and leaders.


doug keeley-business of story-park howell-storyteller

Doug Keeley, CEO & Founder of The Mark of a Leader

#90: How Stories Drive Epic Performance

#90: How Stories Drive Epic Performance

In March, The Virgin Group honored storytelling month on its website because Richard Branson believes that the strength and ability to tell stories effectively drives performance in business.

Branson is just one business leader who has tapped into the ancient craft of storytelling to drive performance and mold the behaviors that construct the culture within many of his booming companies. 


robert rose-park howell-business of story-content marketing

Robert Rose - Content Marketing and Customer Experience Consultant, Speaker, Author, & Startup Advisor & Investor

#89: Why You Must Move from Adverbs to Adventures in Your Storytelling Marketing

#89: Why You Must Move from Adverbs To Adventures In Your Story Marketing

Your customers don’t want to hear about what you make. They want a story about what you make happen. That’s why Robert Rose urges you to transform your marketing department into a storytelling department. Turn your adverbs and adjectives into adventures in your story marketing to move your audiences to action. 


Ian Cleary, Peg Fitzpatrick, and Brian Fanzo

#88: How 3 Social Media Storytellers Use Video, Visuals, and Vitality in Story Marketing

#88: How 3 Social Media Storytellers Use Video, Visuals, And Vitality In Story Marketing

One thing we can all agree on is that the digital world is a dynamic place to tell our stories. 

Never in the history of advertising and marketing have brand storytellers like you had more ways to share your messages. 

But these days it seems nearly impossible to cut through the clutter, and that’s why there’s a gathering every year in San Diego with the top social media experts to help you figure this out. It’s Social Media Marketing World and it just took place.

During my time in San Diego, I had the privilege of getting not one, not two, but three interviews with wonderful story brand creators.  (more…)

dave gold-bouchard gold communications-politics-tempurpedic-business of story-park howell-data-driven campaigns

Dave Gold - Founding partner, Bouchard Gold Communications

#87: How a Christmas Tree Provides the Framework for Great Story Marketing

#87: How A Christmas Tree Provides The Framework For Great Story Marketing

On this show, we’ll cover how data-driven campaigns are killing the Democratic Party and how you can keep it from happening to your brand. Joining us is a highly decorated thirty-year veteran of the direct mail industry who has worked solely with the Democratic Party, Dave Gold.

Dave is the founding partner of Bouchard Gold Communications. His clients have included Senator Joe Biden, Governor Ann Richards, Congresswoman Betty McCollum, attorney generals, coalitions, causes, propositions, and initiatives. Dave has truly seen it all. (more…)

melissa huisman-noah lee-sock club-business of story-park howell-commodity

Melissa Huisman & Noah Lee

#86: How to Use Story Marketing to Sell a Ton of Socks

#86: How To Use Story Marketing To Sell A Ton of Socks

Today we are investigating how you can use story marketing to turn a commodity into commotion. We’re talking about elevating a fairly banal item, like socks, into a meaningful and sought after experience—all through the brand stories you share!

I know it sounds crazy, but socks are a $6 billion global industry. Imagine the market share you might carve out simply by disrupting the norm with story? 

Today we’re going to meet two people who have done exactly that through their plucky five-year-old company, Sock Club. That’s right! I am a proud Sock Club member.


joel-capperella-Business of Story-Park-howell-sales funnel

Joel Capperella - Content Marketing Guru

#85: How to Use Business Storytelling to Fill Your Sales Funnel

#85: How To Use Business Storytelling To Fill Your Sales Funnel

Content marketing is about filling the sales funnel with qualified prospects. We can all agree on that, right?

We can also probably agree that there’s more competition for those prospects now than ever. (more…)

Peter Byck - Documentary Filmmaker

#84: Finding Common Ground With Your Audiences

#84: Finding Common Ground With Your Audiences

We’ve all found ourselves in situations where we are at odds with an audience. For example, trying to launch an internal initiative in a corporate environment to a reluctant CEO. Persuading someone to change an unhealthy behavior. Or getting someone with an opposite view to open up and see things your way. On today’s Business of Story, we review thimportance of finding common ground to help your stories connect with audiences and move people to action.


james-popsys-photoshop-audiences-business of story-park-howell

James Popsys - Photoshop Artist

#83: How To Give Your Audiences A Story They Can’t Resist

#83: How To Give Your Audiences A Story They Can’t Resist

With the always-on interwebs, I believe that ADHD is now a communicable disease. And, guess what? We are all the viruses. So, how do you get your brand story to rise above the noise and allow it the opportunity to be heard? Well, we’ll look at one way to do that. On today’s show, we’re going to explore the concepts of irony and juxtaposition in your business stories to help them stand out—to help you stand out—especially with your visual storytelling.



Greg Head - CEO of Greg Head Consulting

#82: How to Focus Your Story to Grow Your Business

#82: How To Focus Your Story To Grow Your Business

It’s often thought that keeping a business’s focus more general is a positive way to stay open to more business. But in reality, generalizing actually weakens your brand story. Learning how to be super focused and specific in your brand story’s unique offering will help strengthen your messaging, grow your business, and bring success to your brand.