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Vincent Stanley – Director of Philosophy for Patagonia

#3: How to Be a Story Activist

#3: How to Be a Story Activist

As the bird calls behind his voice in this episode imply, Vincent Stanley has a keen eye to environmental sustainability, a unique approach to storytelling, and has been with Patagonia since its inception. (more…)

Kevin Richardson – Game Designer, Story Consultant & Animator

#2: Create Positive Story Loops

#2: Create Positive Story Loops

How a Story can be Dynamic: Creating Positive Story Loops

What is it that makes a good story? What mechanisms are at play to make an effective narrative tick? Perhaps most important, why would anyone care about my story? Our guest today is a professional in the field of storytelling, and will guide you through a simple storytelling structure that can greatly benefit your brand. If your story brand marketing seems to be lacking, this episode may have what you need to get the story back on track. (more…)

Jonah Sachs – Author, Designer & Entrepreneur

#1: Winning the Story Wars

#1: Winning the Story Wars

It’s not uncommon for a million dollar advertising campaign to go unnoticed, while a simple home-made YouTube video made in just a few hours can reach over five hundred million views. That must so be infuriating for these companies! You might think a big budget and high-quality production is what gets the best response, but our guest today is living proof that’s not the case! (more…)

Jay Baer – Convince & Convert Media

#0: Why Story, Why Now?

#0: Why Story, Why Now?

Brands are learning that to connect with today’s consumers they must evolve from promoters of products to publishers of meaningful content. Learn how you can place your customer as the hero.