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Brian Palermo - Actor & Author

#69: Unleash Your Story Creativity With the Power of Improv

#69: Unleash Your Story Creativity With The Power Of Improv

In the business world, we are always striving to connect with our audience. Sometimes we over plan, and our thinking actually gets in the way. But using certain practices of improv performers can help us loosen up and get those creative juices flowing. So, engaging in collaborative games and adopting a ‘yes, and’ attitude can help you create a more compelling brand story.     (more…)


John Jantsch - Founder & President at Duct Tape Marketing

#68: 3 Big Things You Can Do Right Now to Jumpstart Your Business

#68: 3 Big Things You Can Do Right Now To Jumpstart Your Business

We all have important brand stories to tell, and we use innumerable social media channels to be heard. But it’s nearly impossible to standout in today’s Attention Economy without the proper search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your brand storytelling. Therefore, today’s guest will cover the three big things you need to know to help your business stories rise above the noise and be heard.   (more…)


Stu Heinecke - President and Founder at Cartoon Link, Inc.

#66: How to Use Audacious Storytelling for Full Contact Marketing

#67: How To Use Audacious Storytelling For Full Contact Marketing

Look, we have a second or two to get someone’s attention in today’s Attention Economy.

So why not take a storytelling tip or two from a guy who tells stories in one frame for the Wall Street Journal? (more…)


Randy Olson - Author & Filmmaker


Buddy Scalera - Senior Director Content Strategy at The Medicines Company

#65: Why Conflict Resolution is at the Center of Compelling Brand Storytelling

#65: Why Conflict Resolution is at the Center of Compelling Brand Storytelling

You can use business storytelling to give people a reason to make a behavior change and to do that, you’ve just got to give customers an emotional reason to do something. But it can be difficult for us, as marketers, to get out of our business minds and into our emotional brain. Therefore, we can apply some of the best storytelling ideals from the comic book industry to humanize and have more fun with our marketing content and nudge the world in any direction we choose. (more…)


Kate Volman - Digital Marketing Strategist

#64: Now is the Time to Dive Into Live Video Streaming for Brand Storytelling

#64: Now Is The Time to Dive Into Live Video Streaming For Brand Storytelling

Social media has become a powerful force for brand building, and more content is being produced and consumed daily than ever before. But this democratization of communication where everyone can be a 24/7 publisher and broadcaster makes it difficult to be seen and heard in our Attention Economy. Therefore, live streaming video is becoming the dominant choice to rise above the noise and move people to action. (more…)

Brian Scudamore - Founder & CEO at 1-800-Got-Junk

#63: Three Storytelling Crafting Tips to Build Enterprises and Grow Bigger Businesses

#63: Three Story Crafting Tips to Build Enterprises and Grow Bigger Businesses

Boy, do I have a fascinating guest for you today!

This guy didn’t graduate from high school. Even so, he managed to talk his way into college, only to skip out on that, too, in favor of chasing an inspiration he had while eating a McDonald’s Big Mac. (more…)

Paul Smith - Author, Speaker, Consultant

#62: 6 Attributes of Compelling Stories that Sell

#62: 6 Attributes of Compelling Stories that Sell

I’ve got a question for you: do swine swim?

That’s right. Do pigs swim? And if they do swim, do they dog paddle or do they pig paddle? How can you use the story of a swimming pig to sell expensive photography? We’ll answer these and many more business story questions on this episode. (more…)


Shane McLaughlin – Senior Manager of Content and Social Strategy at Walmart

#61: The Four C’s to Building Employee Advocacy Through Storytelling

#61: The Four C’s to Building Employee Advocacy Through Storytelling

I met today’s guest at Social Media Marketing World following my Business of Story workshop. We hit it off immediately. I’m honored to have Shane McLaughlin, Senior Manager, Content and Social Strategy on Business of Story. (more…)


Melissa Agnes – Crisis Management Strategist at Agnes + Day Inc.

#60: How to Use Brand Storytelling for Crisis Management

#60: How to Use Brand Storytelling for Crisis Management

If you’ve been following along with the Business of Story, you know that we’ve recorded about 60 episodes so far. Our special guest today covers a subject we have not yet touched upon: crisis story management. (more…)