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The goal of the show is to help sales and marketing leaders excel through the stories they tell.  Each episode brings you the brightest storytelling content creators, advertising creatives, authors, screenwriters, makers, marketers, and brand raconteurs that show you how to craft and tell compelling stories that sell. #StoryOn!

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Justin Trevor Winters – Story Consultant, Educator, and Film & Television Writer

Why All Content Marketers are Storytelling Screenwriters

#17: Why All Content Marketers are Storytelling Screenwriters

Join Justin Trevor Winters as he describes why all business marketers are storytelling screenwriters and why story structure is more important now than ever.

Ron Ploof – Creator of the Story How Pitch Deck

Pitch Perfect Storytelling

#16: Pitch Perfect Storytelling

When you apply storytelling to your brand, your business achieves incredible growth. Story marketing is becoming more widely used, and people are noticing how critical a narrative is to success. Creating a brand story has a powerful impact, but often companies struggle to find a story to tell. That’s why finding your stories is the subject of this episode. (more…)

Margot Leitman – 5-time winner of the Moth StorySLAM

Business Story Strategy from an Improv Artist

#15: Business Story Strategy from an Improv Artist

Our guest this week is Margot Leitman, entrepreneur, author, and teacher. Her recent book, Long Story Short, is a hysterical and illuminating text that shows you the importance of creating authentic emotion, and how that relates to your brand story. (more…)

Annette Simmons – Author of The Story Factor

Secrets of Story’s Influence

#14: Secrets of Story’s Influence

Learn the six stories you need to know to be a powerful business communicator, and why story morals are integral to your success.


Bruno Sarda – Director of Social Responsibility at Dell

How Sustainable is Your Story?

#13: How Sustainable is Your Story?

With topics as potentially divisive as climate change and sustainability, business communicators need to empathize and find common ground with their audiences to make their stories resonate.


Keith Quesenberry – Creative Director, Educator and Author

#12: Storytelling Wins the Super Bowl

#12: Storytelling Wins the Super Bowl

What makes a Super Bowl TV spot super? Keith Quesenberry studied over 100 commercials, and here’s what you can learn and apply from what he found about the five-act story structure. (more…)

Josh Ginsberg – CEO of Zignal Labs

#11: Monitoring the Health of Your Story

#11: Monitoring the Health of Your Story

Learn how to test the health of your stories from one of the top online storytelling monitoring systems in the world.


Lisa Cron – Author of Wired for Story

#10: Your Audience is Wired for Story

#10: Your Audience is Wired for Story

How to harness your storytelling superpower

Storytelling is the closest thing to magic that humans have developed. The ability to transfer a thought or emotion from one brain to another, to transfer that through hundreds of generations of people, even once the original story teller is long dead, is an incredibly powerful force. (more…)

Randy Olson – Scientist-Turned-Filmmaker

#9: The Science of Storytelling

#9: The Science of Storytelling

On today’s podcast, you will hear how Harvard Ph.D and USC film school grad, Randy Olson, learned his greatest storytelling lesson from Cartman of South Park, and how you can use it, too, in your content marketing. (more…)

Lee Gutkind – Author of You Can't Make This Stuff Up

#8: How To Create An Epic Business Narrative

#8: How to Create an Epic Business Narrative

Anybody can tell a story. Whether it’s a million-dollar Super Bowl TV Spot, or your child telling you about their day, every person on earth is capable of storytelling. It’s what humans have been doing since we’ve been able to talk. But for your businesses, there are important distinctions that mean the difference between success and failure. Anyone can tell a story, but to rise above the competition you need to tell a great story. (more…)