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In just one hour, you and I will clarify your story


I’ve been at this brand story consulting thing for some time now.


For more than 30 years, I have helped professional services firms understand and articulate their true brand story for both internal and external audiences.

These business stories separate you from your competition, engage employees, attract customers, increase sales, and drive results. I can help you start getting your brand story straight with a 60-minute phone call or video conference consultation.

What’s in it for you:

  • Learn how to craft your brand story through a proven narrative structure
  • Overcome existing brand story inadequacies that keep you from success
  • Strengthen your business presentations with a proven story architecture
  • Enhance employee engagement by the stories you share from their perspective
  • Captivate your customers online with smart social storytelling strategy
  • Amplify teambuilding and leadership skills by how stories are authored and spread
  • Build consensus within your organization for what your brand truly stands for
  • Arm you with powerful business story strategy resources

What’s in it for me:

  • The satisfaction of assisting you
  • Helping your brand and business succeed
  • Hopefully a new friend

Let’s get started:

Simply fill out the request below. I will follow-up within 48 hours to schedule our consult and confirm your agenda. Prior to our consultation, you will receive an invoice via PayPal to make your payment.

I’m looking forward to assisting you with your brand and/or business story.

Oh, come on. You know you want to. Click that red send button now and let’s get to work. I promise it’ll be fun and surprisingly enlightening.

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