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The Business of Story podcast, hosted by Park Howell,  is one of the top brand storytelling podcasts with downloads topping 275,000 as well as being named among 40 Best Small Business Podcasts in 2017.

Each episode brings you the brightest content creators, advertising creatives, authors, screenwriters, makers, marketers, and brand raconteurs that show you how to make your story marketing stand out. 

Guests include storytelling greats Robert McKee, Don Yaeger, John Yorke, Jen Grisanti, Pat Solomon, Jay Baer, Nancy Duarte & Patti Sanchez, Michael Margolis, Michael Hyatt, Margaret Hartnell, Michael Hauge, Dick Orkin, Brian Palermo, Dr. Randy Olson, Michael Port, Bryan Kramer and more.

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Lee Einhorn, Creative Director at Venables Bell & Partners

#119: How REI’s #OptOutside Campaign Reflects a Powerful Brand Purpose

#119: How REI’s #OptOutside Campaign Reflects a Powerful Brand Purpose

Every business has its own set of values. Either for publicity purposes or genuine care, all organizations have principals that guide the direction of the brand’s growth.

But what if your values were in conflict with that growth? Would you be willing to set aside profit to keep in line with your personal story? Authentic story brand marketing demands a fearless commitment to your character, and today’s guest will discuss how living up to your values is the key to success. (more…)

Gideon For-mukwai, Founder of Story Warrior Associates

#118: How to Become a Storytelling Warrior

#118: How to Become a Storytelling Warrior

When you’re presenting on stage, chairing a meeting, or even talking with a friend at a coffee shop, you may find yourself struggling to give your idea a sense of importance. I mean, how can you convey the depths of your imagination through simple conversation? (more…)

Jay Feitlinger, Founder of Stringcan Interactive

#117: How to Balance Your Family and Business Stories to Create Healthy Growth

#117: How to Balance Your Family and Business Stories to Create Healthy Growth

What if the company you ran was recognized with the prestigious “Best Places to Work” award, but life at home was not what it could be?

Would you change? (more…)

Cort Dial, Author of Heretics to Heroes:

#116: How To Use Business Storytelling To Move You From Heretic To Hero

#116: How to Use Business Storytelling to Move You From Heretic to Hero

Only when faced with a great adversary does our true character show. Modern humans rarely find themselves in such a situation, many never will. (more…)

Larry Robertson, Best Selling Entrepreneur Author

#115: How to Speak More Creativity In Your Business Storytelling

#115: How To Speak More Creatively In Your Business Storytelling

We often see creative people as larger than life. People like Elon Musk, Maya Angelou, and Leonardo Da Vinci seem to have achieved a level of genius that is beyond anything we could ever imagine. (more…)

Connor Moore, Founder of CMoore Sounds

#114: Sonic Storytelling: How to Create A Legendary Brand With The Power of Sound

#114: Sonic Storytelling: How to Create A Legendary Brand With The Power of Sound

Every day dozens of brands sneak into your mind. This genius performance of brand marketing happens on a level so subtle, you often won’t recognize it has happened. How is this possible? (more…)

Greg Smith | Thinkific

Greg Smith, Co-Founder & CEO at Thinkific

#113: The Secrets to Creating Successful and Profitable Online Courses

#113: The Secrets To Creating Successful And Profitable Online Courses

Every business professional has invaluable wisdom. But it’s difficult to teach in a manner that sticks. Proficiency in teaching is critical for any professional, and today’s guest will help you refine your skill, especially with your online course. (more…)

Dustin Mathews, Co-founder of Speaking Empire

#112: How to Sell Without Feeling Salesy With Your Brand Stories

#112: How to Sell Without Feeling “Salesy” With Your Brand Stories

We all have tremendous difficulty making a request.

It’s a humbling experience for everyone; you’re exposing your vulnerability to a person who has what you need. You may feel that your message is so compelling that customers will immediately decide to get involved, but almost always, they need a direct invitation. (more…)

Bryn Mooser

Bryn Mooser, CEO and Co-Founder of RYOT

#111: How to Tell Your Story with Immersive Virtual Reality

#111:How to Tell Your Story with Immersive Virtual Reality

On Wednesday, August 30, I toppled out of bed with vertigo. I’ve never experienced it before. I sat up in bed, flopped my feet on the floor and away I went. My brain was suddenly bombarded by a kaleidoscope of opaque tubes, kind of like you’re falling through a narrow ice cave. (more…)

Ted Frank, Backstories Studio Story Strategist

#110: Movie Storytelling Secrets to Make Your Business Presentations Epic

#110: Movie Storytelling Secrets to Make Your Business Presentations Epic

PowerPoints are a unique medium; they have the incredible ability to bore your audience to death.

Bullet points, stats, and slides with a hundred words are an effective way of putting people into a deep sleep. But what if you could make your presentation thrilling? Is it possible to channel emotions into creating a powerful visual narrative that is not only relatable, but also exciting? (more…)