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The Business of Story podcast, hosted by Park Howell,  is one of the top brand storytelling podcasts with downloads topping 275,000 as well as being named among 40 Best Small Business Podcasts in 2017.

Each episode brings you the brightest content creators, advertising creatives, authors, screenwriters, makers, marketers, and brand raconteurs that show you how to make your story marketing stand out. 

Guests include storytelling greats Robert McKee, Don Yaeger, John Yorke, Jen Grisanti, Pat Solomon, Jay Baer, Nancy Duarte & Patti Sanchez, Michael Margolis, Michael Hyatt, Margaret Hartnell, Michael Hauge, Dick Orkin, Brian Palermo, Dr. Randy Olson, Michael Port, Bryan Kramer and more.

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Lucas Keijning, Exhibition Developer at NEMO Science Museum

#108: How To Use Story To Connect With The Kid In All Of Us

#108: How To Use Story To Connect With The Kid In All Of Us

Often, it’s incredibly difficult to connect with your audience.

We’ve all been in that frustrating position. It’s not easy to find the common ground that can make the difference between a message working or not.  But there is one big aspect that everyone on earth can relate to, and you can use to your advantage and create a powerful message. (more…)

Annie Franceschi

Annie Franceschi, Greatest Story Creative Founder

#107: Using Story To Evolve a Dream Job Into Your Dream Life

#107: Using Story To Evolve a Dream Job Into Your Dream Life

Have you ever had a long time achievement become a disappointment? Or worse, your dream becomes a disaster? (more…)

Jesse Kay

Jesse Kay, Host of 20 under 20s podcast

#105: How to Connect To Generation Z With Your Story Marketing

#105: How to Connect To Generation Z With Your Story Marketing

Jesse Kay is one of New Jersey ‘s most precocious high school students who has a popular podcast, 20 Under 20’s, and is becoming an expert on how to connect with Generation Z (aka Gen Z) with your brand storytelling.


~ Eric Hinson, Founder at Explainify

#104: How to Produce Irresistible Explainer Videos In Your Story Marketing

#104: How To Produce Irresistible Explainer Videos In Your Story Marketing

You might have a brilliant idea for your business endeavor, one that could catapult you and your cause to greatness. But when you try and explain it to your customers, they may not fully grasp your vision. That’s where your explainer video comes in. (more…)

Paola Baldion, Award Winning Actress & Social Activist

Temitayo Osinubi, Author of Beyond Buzzwords, and Host of the Marketing Disenchanted podcast

#102: Using the Story Cycle to Tell Your Story on Purpose

#102: Using the Story Cycle To Tell Your Story On Purpose

My mission for Business of Story is to help you become a better storyteller. When you have this powerful skill, you will achieve greatness. But most of our guests are already brand storytelling experts, with years of experience. Today, we will be showing you the process in action. (more…)

#101: How to Tell Stories on Purpose to Grow Revenue and Amplify Your Impact

#101: How To Tell Stories On Purpose To Grow Revenue And Amplify Your Impact

I was struck by one theme that kept appearing in the past 100 Business of Story episodes – How stories transport us. A true story well told connects emotionally and inspires. It moves people. Aligns teams. Connects with customers. Grows revenue. And will amplify your impact. (more…)

Joshua Spodek, Ph.D., bestselling author, world-renowned media leadership expert

#100: How to Step Up Your Leadership Game With Storytelling

#100: How To Step Up Your Leadership Game With Storytelling

To become the best leader you can be, it’s critical to give your team a call to something bigger.

These purpose-driven influences can tap into the audience’s core values and inspire action, and spark a strong movement in the community. But what if you have difficulty forming that intimate connection with members of your team? The answer, of course, is to find your story. (more…)

Jonathan David Lewis

#99: Embracing a Survival Mindset in Your Brand Storytelling

#99: Embracing A Survival Mindset In Your Brand Storytelling

Have you ever felt the terror of being totally lost?

In business, we prepare for everyday problems and stick to our established plan. But when the unexpected happens and our existence is threatened, we panic; we either fight a losing battle, retreat as fast as possible, or stop altogether in shock. This Fight, Flight or Freeze thought process is a natural survival instinct, but often it can be the end for us or our business.  (more…)