A Simple 10-step Brand Storytelling System to Clarify Your Business Story

A Simple 10-step Brand Storytelling System to Clarify Your Business Story

The Story Cycle System™ is a proven brand storytelling template to craft more compelling business stories You are a proud owner of a purpose-business, although it probably feels like it…

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How You Can Get the Upper-hand on Coronavirus

Let’s face it (don’t touch yours, by the way), one of the most powerful ways you can defeat the coronavirus which causes the filthy Covid-19 disease is literally in the…

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Can a Used-Car Dealership Really Save the World?

How Customers Find Freedom in a Purpose-Driven Brand Story By clarifying their purpose-driven brand story, Montreal car dealership Prêt, Auto, Partez has: Tripled its growth in three years Doubled their…


How to Share Your Stories on Social Media More Effectively

Are you exhausted spending hours cranking out social media posts but not ever really knowing what’s working, or what’s a total waste of your time and client’s money? Are you…


How a Mysterious Brand Story Positions Crystal Head Vodka for Otherworldly Success

Infuse your offering with meaning through the brand stories you tell When I think of consumer commodities, I think of bottled water, aspirin and vodka (not necessarily in that order).…

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3 Proven Steps to Creating Great Brand Stories

Why You Must Clarify Your Brand Story Strategy and How When I was a kid, I loved watching the Our Gang (The Little Rascals) TV show before heading off to…

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6 questions to ask your business storytelling speaker

6 Crucial Questions You Should Ask Your Business Storytelling Keynote Speaker

The Best Business Storytelling Keynotes Don’t Tell But Show Your Attendees How to Storytell Business storytelling is all the rage these days and for good reason: it works! But many…

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How to Craft Your Purpose-Driven Brand Story

Customers care more about your brand purpose than your product or service. You run a purpose-driven brand and are growing with a healthy business model. But competition is threatening your…

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How a Souring Apple Industry Ripened a Burgeoning Wine Region

You know the adage “Give me lemons and I’ll make lemonade.” But it also applies to apples. When the apple market went south in the early 1990’s, orchardists around Lake Chelan in…

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How to Peddle a Bike With a Story

  Selling and Storytelling is Always About the Moment of Truth Life as an entrepreneur started for me in 1972 glued to our TV set in Woodinville, Washington.  I was…

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Why You Need Conflict In Your Brand Story

Conflict: A Life or Death Impact on Your Brand Story

At the heart of every brand story is conflict, but how you handle it can determine the life or death of your organization “Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn,…

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