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Why Pitching Your Brand is 99% Telling Your Own Story

What you can learn from Hollywood movie pitching about selling your brand story The pitch. It’s as old as cinema itself.  A writer, director, or other creative type walks into…

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How to Live by Your Unique Value Proposition

Sometimes a facepalm just doesn’t do some mistakes justice. I recently presented to an enterprise customer. He is the ideal candidate for our product and services. I spent several days…

Sean Schroeder

How Story Shapes Help You Share Your Unique Value Proposition

Stories are powerful tools that can trigger responses both neurologically and physically in us. They’re mechanisms for communicating meaning which are easily recalled and shared. That’s why stories have been used to…

Nick Westergaard

Finding Your Competitor Differentiation Story

How is your business different from your competitors? One of the things I learned from interviewing dozens of professional buyers was that they think competitors (in just about every space)…

Paul Smith

Understanding Your Business Narrative, so Customers Know Where They Fit

This time last week I was on stage with Elton John. On. The. Freakin’. Stage. To put the excitement I felt then, & still feel now, into context: I’ve seen Sir…

Cassie Roma

How to Create Your Personal Brand Story to Grow Your Business

I’ve learned the importance of creating my personal brand story when I launched my own consultancy a decade ago. I had led new business for a number of advertising agencies…

Michael Gass

Growing from Startup to Scale-Up

Starting a business has never been easier, but growing a startup and scaling it to become a big business is harder than ever. Most who try get stuck or hit…

Greg Head
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The ROI of Business Storytelling and the Cost of Being Boring

The business case for brand storytelling: Inspired leadership, employee engagement, greater retention and growing sales. Rags or riches? Your storytelling ability will lead to one or the other Steven knew…

Park Howell

What Stories in Your Business Presentations Say About You

Storytelling with your brand, business or in your presentations lets people into your world I present Business of Story workshops around the world, and I teach sustainable storytelling in the…

Park Howell
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Grow your brand with three insights from Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience

Waste not, want not, with your story marketing to create epic customer experiences I had the honor of being invited as an influencer to Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience event this past week…

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