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Hands-On Storytelling Training to Clarify Your Story to Amplify Your Impact and Simplify Your Life


“Park Howell stole the show at the recent Acetech Leadership Summit in Whistler, BC and was the highest rated speaker over 3 days.  Park’s session on How to Amplify the Power of Your Brand Story using a practical framework was hugely relevant to our audience of tech CEOs and founders and provided immediate take-home value. Park was a delight to work with and was very responsive throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend Park Howell for your next event!” Kathy Troupe, Acetech Events

Thank you for your interest in the Business of Story storytelling workshops, masterclasses and deliberate practice programs. Whether you’re crafting your brand story, implementing storytelling with your sales team, or building internal camaraderie around diversity and inclusion, we’ll help you clarify your story to amplify your impact and simplify your life.

There is opportunity everywhere.

While uncertainty has a way of making time feel like its standing still, business is certainly not.

But the old way of communicating with logic and reason won’t get the job done. People, more than ever, long to connect on an emotional level.

Storytelling, since the beginning of recorded time, is the tool we Homo sapiens have used to create clarity out of chaos. Meaning out of the madness. As an organizing force to bring people together for a common purpose.

That’s why leading organizations including Dell, the United States Air Force, Arizona State University and Banner Health have relied on the Business of Story to train their leaders, marketing teams, HR staff and emerging managers how to use storytelling to unite people and move them to action.

Park has been training business leaders and executives on storytelling virtually through webinars and online keynotes, masterclasses and deliberate practice programs for over a decade. He knows how to entertain, educate, inspire and ignite your attendees no matter where they’re currently working.

Brand, business and leadership storytelling courses include:

Each of the courses cover similar proven content but in varying degrees of detail and audience participation. Your people learn the And, But & Therefore narrative framework, the five primal elements of storytelling, and the Story Cycle System™ for story strategy and presentation outlining.

All of our hands-on brand, business and leadership storytelling training programs are tailored to the unique needs of your audiences. We will use your current growth initiatives around your products, services, sales, training and/or internal initiatives in a hands-on presentation that will provide your people with the talent and tools to implement storytelling immediately in their work.

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Our Storytelling for Business workshops will help you and your team clarify your stories to amplify your impact and simplify your lives.

Invest in storytelling training for your team if you want to…

  • Clarify your personal brand story to grow your influence or professional brand story to grow your business
  • Dial-in the why you do what you do as your personal passions drive your professional pursuits
  • Create a powerful value proposition to make your offering timely, relevant and irresistible
  • Engage your audiences and move them to action
  • Lead more effective marketing with consistent messaging and heightened brand relevancy
  • Capitalize on consumer trends
  • Improve customer and employee loyalty and retention
  • Build leadership consensus around your brand story

Storytelling Workshop Options

We work with you to design our story sessions to the exact needs of your people. Park’s promise is to re-ignite within you and your attendees the one true superpower we all possess – storytelling – to help you nudge the world in any direction you choose.

Location: In person or online via your preferred video conference tool of choice

In the half-day workshop (3-4 hours), we help your team develop their storytelling skills by clarifying their personal or professional brand story.

In the full-day session (6-7 hours), we apply your learnings to advertising, marketing and content projects you are currently working on.  Once your team has learned how to use the Story Cycle system™, they apply it to a communications challenge or opportunity within your organization.

If you’re looking for a longer training program, I also offer an 8-week Deliberate Practice Program or custom storytelling training programs.

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More Storytelling Tools for Your Attendees

Each of your attendees will receive the What’s Your Story? field guide either as an interactive PDF or print copy, your choice. They use the field guide during the session and keep it long after as a prompt to practice their storytelling techniques every day.

Plus, many clients are provided with our new book The Narrative Gym for Business for the long-term growth of their team.

Plus, your people will learn from a remarkable pre-session resource: The ABTs of Agile Communications quick online course. Through three 20-minute modules, I will teach them how to use the ABT (And, But, Therefore) storytelling framework so that their messages land right the first time, every time.


Design a Custom Storytelling Training Program

I am available to create and teach a custom program to develop a storytelling culture. The course would be designed to your exact needs and can include masterclass training, hands-on workshops, online training and education, and individual or team coaching. We would develop a budget based on the scope and duration of your program.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss these options. And thank you for your interest in the Business of Story.

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Those Bewitched by Business of Story Virtual Storytelling Training

We partnered with Park Howell to design a series of virtual storytelling workshops for our development directors at Maricopa Community Colleges, one of the largest community college systems in North America. The goal was to inspire and write compelling messaging about the impact of philanthropy and education. Park is amazing to work with, and his process and presentation are easy to understand and implement. Even with a group of ten people or more, Park keeps participants engaged and focused on what’s important.  – Deb Spotts, Development Director at Phoenix College


It’s critical to keep up the spirits and camaraderie of our marketing team, especially as we’re all working from home. Park presented a fun and inspiring 90-minute virtual storytelling training during a Friday lunch to not only bring our group together on ZOOM, but teach them story frameworks they can all use immediately in their communications. If you want to light up your next virtual meeting and make it entertaining, engaging and educational, ping Park.  – Nick Woodward-Shaw, Vice President, Communications (Global Events & Marketing) at Forever Living Products, the world’s largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera-based health and beauty products


I recently participated in MHI’s Marketing Professionals webinar: “How to Tell a Short Sales Story for Huge Impact” and provided a success story from SRSI.  Park Howell did a great job of reminding me that it’s human nature to connect with INDIVIDUALS. We need to mold our stories around one person instead of rambling about the general project, the amazing company performing the project, and regurgitating the story as if it’s being read from a case study. Storytelling is a powerful skill to have whether you’re in sales or marketing, and it’s something I’m becoming more passionate about as I grow as a professional. Thank you, Park, for this awesome webinar!Skyeler Smith, Marketing Coordinator at SRSI


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