Business Storytelling Workshop, Masterclass and Deliberate Practice Program

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Learn How to Clarify Your Story to Amplify Your Impact and Simplify Your Life

Thank you for your interest in the Business of Story storytelling workshops, masterclasses and deliberate practice programs. Whether you’re crafting your brand story, implementing storytelling with your sales team, or building internal camaraderie around diversity and inclusion, we’ll help you clarify your story to amplify your impact and simplify your life.

Brand, business and leadership storytelling courses include:

  • Half-day storytelling workshop
  • Full-day storytelling masterclass
  • 8-week storytelling deliberate practice program
  • Design and implement a customized storytelling program for your organization

Each of the courses cover similar proven content but in varying degrees of detail and audience participation. Your people learn the And, But & Therefore narrative framework, the five primal elements of storytelling, and the Story Cycle System™ for story strategy and presentation outlining.

All of our hands-on brand, business and leadership storytelling training programs are tailored to the unique needs of your audiences. We will use your current growth initiatives around your products, services, sales, training and/or internal initiatives in a hands-on presentation that will provide your people with the talent and tools to implement storytelling immediately in their work.

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Half-Day Workshop & Full-Day Masterclass

Business storytelling workshop, brand storytelling, leadership storytelling

The following outlines the half-day workshop followed by the full-day masterclass. The half-day workshop introduces your team to the storytelling concepts and they apply it to their individual personal or professional story. The afternoon session has them dig deeper and apply the concepts to a current project.

  • 9:00 am: Introduction & warm up
  • 9:15: Why storytelling is more important now than ever to be heard and understood
  • 9:25: ACTIVITY: Experience how humans are hardwired for story
  • 9:35: Introduction to the And, But, Therefore model: The DNA of Story
  • 9:45: ACTIVITY: Create and share individual ABTs as the platform for their story
  • 10:00: Introduction to the 5 primal elements of example stories
  • 10:10: ACTIVITY: Creating and sharing example stories
  • 10:30: BREAK:
  • 10:45: Introduction to the Story Cycle System™
  • 11:20: Crafting and sharing their stories based on the Story Cycle™
  • 11:45: Q&A

Transition Between Half & Full Day Masterclass

The masterclass is focused on storytelling exercises relevant to your current product, sales, presentation, training or internal initiative content.

  • 1:00 pm: ACTIVITY: Apply the ABT to create the foundation for the group’s story 1:00 pm
  • 1:20: Share the ABTs with the gathering
  • 1:45: ACTIVITY: Generate three example stories to support the ABT using the 5 primal elements of storytelling and share one story with the gathering
  • 2:30: BREAK:
  • 2:45: ACTIVITY: Each team now uses the Story Cycle SystemTM to craft an outline for their long form sales presentation, white paper, training, etc.
  • 3:30: Groups share their Story Cycle outline with the gathering and how they use stories to make their business points
  • 4:30: Q&A
  • 5:00: Somebody buys me a beer

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8-Week Deliberate Practice Program

As you know, storytelling is powerful in business. More purpose-driven brands are using story to grow their sales and their people. But narrative is difficult to master unless you intentionally tell stories every single day. We have created this proven deliberate practice program to help you learn narrative skills, apply them daily in your work to become an accomplished brand storyteller.

The goal is to build a storytelling culture in your organization. We begin with a half-day masterclass to kickoff week one. Then your team receives six weekly assignments that build your storytelling skills through real-world application. We culminate with a 60 to 90-minute workshop to coach your cohort.
You and your team will:

  • Learn how to use the And, But and Therefore narrative framework to create a focused theme
    for every communications piece
  • Apply the five primal elements of storytelling to make your communications compelling
  • Create engaging presentations, proposals, white papers and other longer-form communications
    using the Story Cycle SystemTM that follows a narrative arc your audiences can’t resist
  • Become adept at spotting stories in the wild for use in your inbound and outbound marketing
  • Develop a story library for sales, marketing and employee engagement

We tailor our hands-on sessions to the exact needs of your audience.

Here is an overview:

  • 9:00 am: Introduction & warm up
  • 9:15: Why storytelling is more important now than ever to be heard and understood
  • 9:20: ACTIVITY: Experience how humans are hardwired for story
  • 9:30: Introduction to the And, But & Therefore (ABT) narrative to focus your story
  • 9:40: ACTIVITY: Create and share individual ABTs and workshop them with your gathering
  • 10:00: Introduction to ABT support stories and their five primal elements
  • 10:20: ACTIVITY: Capture three moments/scenes that have shaped who you are today
  • 10:30: BREAK:
  • 10:45: ACTIVITY: Workshop the moments/scenes with the gathering
  • 11:00: Introduction to the Story Cycle SystemTM
  • 11:10: ACTIVITY: Crafting individual stories using the Story Cycle SystemTM
  • 11:30: ACTIVITY: Workshop individual stories with the gathering
  • 11:50 Q&A
  • Lunch!

Each attendee gets an And, But & Therefore worksheet, story spotting worksheet and a What’s Your Story? workbook, plus links to additional resources to continue building their storytelling muscles.

  • Week 2: And, But & Therefore assignment and worksheet to encourage daily use
  • Week 3: Using the five primal story elements to create your ABT support stories
  • Week 4: Outlining presentations, proposals and white papers using the Story Cycle SystemTM
  • Week 5: Creating a narrative roadmap using the ABT, support stories and the Story Cycle
  • Week 6: Using brand descriptors to create story categories and organize your content
  • Week 7: Building your story library
  • Week 8: 60-minute video conference coaching session with your team to bring it all together

    Brand storytelling, business storytelling, leadership storytelling

Design a Custom Storytelling Program

I am available to create and teach a custom program to develop a storytelling culture. The course would be designed to your exact needs and can include masterclass training, hands-on workshops, online training and education, and individual or team coaching. We would develop a budget based on the scope and duration of your program.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss these options. And thank you for your interest in the Business of Story.

Story on!