Story Selling Skills Training

Top sales teams wield stories to connect with and convert customers. But storytelling is illusive if you don’t understand the magic that casts the spell. 

Now you can 10X your sales by applying the three proven narrative frameworks we teach at the Business of Story that have helped companies grow by as much as 600 percent.  

This story sales skills training is ideal for your team if you want to…

  • Easily grow sales by using the most effective yet underutilized skill in business communications (They don’t teach this stuff in school).
  • Connect deeply with your customers on their terms through story listening skills that quickly build trust.
  • Enhance your empathy to create strong, lasting client relationships.
  • Grow your influence by showing your expertise through powerful anecdotes that illustrate your expertise and industry leadership.
  • Solve your customer’s problem faster by being more persuasive to expedite the sales cycle.
  • Ignite camaraderie among your team as they co-create your inspiring storytelling culture while learning from one another.
  • Outperform your sales goals.

Three ways to learn how to excel through the stories you tell

Engaging course design and enthralling LIVE in-person or virtual instruction is all we do at the Business of Story. We connect your attendees with the uniquely human touch of storytelling and teach them how to grow as storytellers through three kinds of engagements:

  1. 60 to 90-minute Story Selling Skills Keynote/Workshop
  2. Half-day Sales Storytelling Masterclass
  3. Three to six-week Story Sales Mastery Courses

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Learn how to share your storied moments for epic growth

Every captivating sales story is about a moment when your offering has positively impacted a person and their world. The same is true with your virtual training.

We want to first understand what is a win for you and your team through our storytelling training.

Then, depending on the length of our engagement and your sought-after outcomes, we will teach your attendees…

  • How to focus any message using the ABT (And, But & Therefore) foundational narrative framework to hook your audience from the very start.
  • How to make your business point using the 5 Primal Elements of a short story for big impact.
  • How to command every meeting in the first three minutes using the ABT and an anecdote.
  • How to wield the 10-steps of the Story Cycle System™ to craft long-form communications and presentations that will take your audience on a transformative journey into your world.
  • When to use the four kinds of sales journey stories, including:
    – Moment of Bonding
    – Moment of Insight
    – Moment of Trust
    – Moment of Impact
  • How to develop your story listening skills.
  • How to build a sales storytelling library for easy access to your most potent sales tools that transport your customers into life-long fans of yours.


Each of your attendees will receive a PDF of the What’s Your Story? field guide to work in, as well as my new book, Brand Bewitchery: How to Wield the Story Cycle System™ to Craft Spellbinding Stories for Your Brand. Bulk orders of the printed versions are available, too. 

My goal is to help you and your people excel through the stories you tell. But it only works if you’re ready to take the next step. If so, I’d love to hear your story.

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