Mark Smyth

Mark Smyth is an entrepreneurial Sales leader, strategist, problem solver and self-described ‘story nerd’.  With 22+ years of experience in the proverbial ‘sales trenches’, Mark helps revenue focused companies, teams and high-performing professionals break through boring and achieve the transformational and exciting growth they deserve.

Energized by possibility and grounded by his Midwest roots, Mark leverages a pragmatic approach with his clients of empathetically listening first and diligently executing their vision next in order to deliver high-impact results that last.

It was in that quest for impact, combined with an increasingly complicated and digitally divided world, that led to the founding of HUSSOUL, which stands for “how you sell with soul”.  HUSSOUL helps growth-minded organizations simplify what’s complex and clarify what’s confusing so they can connect easier and convert to action faster using the greatest human connection tool ever created, the proven power of story. 

Partnering with one of the leading storytelling minds in business, Park Howell of The Business of Story, has given Mark & Park a dream opportunity help some of the most ambitious brands and amazing humans around the world excel through the stories they tell.

Mark is a graduate of Miami University of Oxford, OH, a Cincinnati native, a lucky husband and a proud dad of three often grass-stained kids causing chaos in the north suburbs of Chicago.  


Listen to Mark’s episode on the Business of Story podcast: