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Storytelling is as important to our brains for survival as oxygen is to our lungs. Stories are how we make sense out of the madness around us. We all are innate storytellers, and we were at the tops of our games in kindergarten. But our school systems, corporate cultures and society’s demands for political correctness have silenced our inner raconteur.

Professionals and B2B marketing consulting organizations alike should use these tools to hone their storytelling marketing and brand development strategy. Business storytelling is one of the most authentic ways to communicate and connect with your audience to drive business results.

Here are few tools to help you get started. #StoryOn!


Craft Your Spellbinding Brand Story Online Course

This course will not only clarify your purpose-driven brand story using the proven Story Cycle System™ that has grown some companies by as much as 600%, but will make you a more confident and compelling communicator in the process.

Interactive DIY Business Storytelling Workbook

This fully interactive workbook with video tutorials will guide you through the proven 10-step Story Cycle process to help you craft and tell a compelling brand story that will sell like never before.

Brand Bewitchery: How to Wield the Story Cycle System™ to Craft Spellbinding Stories for Your Brand

Brand Bewitchery guides you through the proven Story Cycle System™ with wit and rigor to reveal your unique purpose-driven brand story or invigorate the one that’s holding you back. Plus, you’ll get a comprehensive story launch plan to amplify your impact immediately.

What's Your Story? Field Notebook

The What’s Your Story? field notebook will take you by the hand in three simple steps that will make your stories sing.

The 5 Stages of Grief in Telling YOUR Business Story

Download your free ebook to learn how to use your own stories to increase your personal influence, clarify your professional brand story, and grow your company, sales, and people.

Business of Story Facebook Group

Join the private Business of Story Facebook group to learn more from Park.

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