Brand Bewitchery to Craft and Tell Spellbinding Brand Stories That Sell

Your Complete Guide to Attract Loyal Customers and Conjure Word of Mouth Marketing

Crystal clear brand storytelling captivates customers.  We’ve seen it grow companies by as much as 600%.

But today, less than 5% of businesses have a focused brand story strategy that works.

Brand Bewitchery guides you through the proven Story Cycle System™ with wit and rigor to reveal your unique purpose-driven brand story or invigorate the one that’s holding you back. Plus, you’ll get a comprehensive story launch plan to amplify your impact immediately.

While you’re at it, you’ll grow as a more confident and compelling communicator learning storytelling techniques to hack through the noise and hook the hearts of your audiences.


Brand Bewitchery will:

  • Deftly guide you through the proprietary Story Cycle System™ to craft your spellbinding brand story
  • Teach you the And, But & Therefore narrative framework to enchant your audiences
  • Empower you with the 5 Primal Elements of a Short Story to create big impact
  • Share dozens of illustrative case stories and anecdotes demonstrating the mesmerizing power of the story structures you will soon learn to wield
  • Take you on Story Quests that awaken your golden stories just waiting to be released into the world to grow your business and your people
  • Provide a detailed launch strategy to activate your new brand narrative so you can make an immediate impact with your customers
  • Share a host of storytelling tools, tips and techniques to make you a more influential and persuasive leader

Are you ready to excel through the stories you tell?


I’ve worked hard to make Brand Bewitchery one of the best brand storytelling books of our time. See what others think:

A must-read for everyone in communications, marketing, or sales, Brand Bewitchery will completely change the way you think about your story and how to tell it. – Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert and co-author of Talk Triggers

Brand Bewitchery is an enchanting tried and true magical learning adventure for anyone daring to uncover Park Howell’s spellbinding universe of story learning, story crafting and storytelling. A levitation charm for any organization and leader seeking to elevate their brand, Howell’s brilliant Story Cycle sorcery will have you smiling, engaged, and unbinding the true business of story for ultimate success. – Miri Rodriguez, Storyteller + Global Head of Internships at Microsoft

The story about your business IS your business. Park’s book is a must-read for people who want to use the power of story to design and dominate their own market category. – Christopher Lochhead #1 Apple Podcaster, #1 Amazon Author

The International Best-Telling Guide to Crafting a Winning Brand Story Strategy and Knowing How to Tell it.

This is the most important guide to marketing of our times.  Park’s Story Cycle ensured that Airloom Supplement was able to forge a meaningful connection with customers while building an authentic brand that upheld our true values.  – Avni & Dr. Shyam Shridharani, creators of Airloom® Supplement

Park Howell is a gifted storyteller AND is the host of the best podcast for story in the business world, BUT he knows you need to dig deeper and understand the bewitchery of story itself, THEREFORE he has written this excellent book that will enable you to start drawing on the true power of story for all your communications. – Randy Olson, scientist-turned-filmmaker, author “Houston, We Have A Narrative,” and Harvard PhD

I love the guidebook approach for Brand Bewitchery. Each of the Story Cycle System’s 10 steps is explained in a manner allowing you to craft and communicate your brand’s compelling story. We just sold our business, and I can tell you first hand your story and storytelling is critically important to grow your business and add value. Park helped me lay this framework for our business a few years ago. We determined what made us unique and wrapped our story around it. Implement these steps and it will change your business — for the better. – Arnie Kuenn Found and CEO of Vertical Measures (Retired)

Recruiting young executives who understand their personal brand story ensures a significantly higher success in the recruiting process. I recommend Brand Bewitchery as a must-read for career-focused young executives.Bill Franquemont, Partner DHR International


Park Howell was tending the flames of business storytelling long before most self-proclaimed experts were looking for a match. His Business of Story Podcast continues to advance our craft by fueling those flames. If business stories are kindling, it only takes one Park to start a great fire. – Ron Ploof,

I have had the pleasure of watching from near and far Park’s journey.  His up and downs and most of the time trying to find the humor in this crazy mixed-up world.  We have collaborated, we have dreamed but all in all what I admire the most is his life lesson coming out in print for all to see.  It is never easy to expose your soul, but I see there are many aspects of this book when used will make a huge difference.  Park has a wonderful way of writing that makes you feel you are just out for a stroll and shooting the breeze.  It’s an easy read, smooth swing right down the middle. – Mike Martin, Vice President of Brokk Inc and host of the Brokkology Podcast

Park’s counsel is real, relevant and immediately applicable. If you want to unlock your true potential, this is the read for you. – Jennifer Russo, Director Corporate Communications at Banner Health

Brand Bewitchery unlocks the magic of storytelling to craft a potent brand brew. With Park as your guide, you are learning from one of the best, and his wit, humour and great stories make it a page-turner. I’ll be sure to have it at arm’s reach in my office. – Shawn Callahan, Founder, Anecdote International

The Story Cycle System helped us craft our brand story so clearly that it has become the bible for everything we do at Pret Auto Partez. There is gold in these pages! Plus, a lot of fun stories that illustrate the impact of this powerful brand story-crafting process. Read it and see if your story is all it could be. – Andre Martin-Hobbs, Founder, Pret Auto Partez.

For those of us challenged with articulating a brand narrative in order to advance our mission, Park Howell makes it intuitive and helps you gain some discipline by guiding you through his Story Cycle System. The case scenarios are relatably giving you the confidence to draw parallels, ample workbook space to delve deep into key questions, and the benefit of a personalized playbook before you go live with your own Business of Story. – Avein Saaty-Tafoya, Healthcare Growth Professional

If you want to confidently share your personal brand story to grow your influence and your career, read this book. Thank you so much, Park, for helping me capture my story, own it and most importantly to be comfortable sharing my story in the right way. – Anjella Crowe, Director, Partner Management at Silverline

As a business development consultant, I know the power of storytelling for new business. I’ve found Park Howell’s new book, Brand Bewitchery, to be a great resource. It provides an easy system to help craft your story that will differentiate your brand from your competitors and create an emotional appeal with your audience that leads to action. This is an interactive workbook that equips you through specific step-by-step instructions. It is filled with personal examples and case studies from Park’s extensive research and years of experience. He is a storytelling mastermind. I’ve been enriched by the content and I know you will be as well. Michael Gass, Founder, Fuel Lines

Story on!