The #1 Business Storytelling Guide to Strengthen Your Communications

Introducing The Narrative Gym for Business: A short 75-page guide to make you a stronger communicator using the ABT (And, But, Therefore) framework


You’re a business leader, marketer or sales professional who longs to connect with and convert your prospects into life-long customers.

But you’re not connecting in as meaningful a way as you could because you are using old, tired communication techniques that don’t work in our attention-exhausted world.

Therefore, immediately hack through the noise and hook the hearts of your audiences with the proven power of the ABT (And, But, Therefore) foundational narrative framework now taught to you in The Narrative Gym for Business.

The ABT is the Ideal Communications Tool For:

👍  Emails to keep you from being ghosted.

👊  Punch up your presentations so you command your audience’s attention from the start.

🔎  Focus your brand story on a differentiator your customers care about.

🤝  Connect with the primal part of your prospect’s brain where all of their real buying decisions are being made.

🤙  Bridge the gap between marketing’s hyperbole and the sales messaging you actually need.

✍️  Make your content marketing convert with messages that are easy to “get.”

👂  Use the ABT as a remarkable listening device to totally understand and empathize with your customers.

👏  OWN any room with more confident, clear and compelling communications.

You can grab the Kindle version of The Narrative Gym for Business now.

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The printed version will be available in early August 2021.

Here’s what readers are saying:

Like Discovering the Lost Ark of Story

“I am a big fan of both Park and Randy and have read most of their books.  But I am loathe to review this one lest it put me out of my business as a story coach.

Therefore I’m keeping it short.

Buy the damn thing. It’s he Holy Grail of story and every client with whom I use the methodology becomes an instant convert. 

Simple, practical, genius.” – David Pullan

The ABT is gold!
“It is THE most powerful framework for communication that I have ever used. Thanks for your podcasts, blog posts, and workshops that led up to this book about the ABT.” – Greg Head, Founder of ScalingPoint and Greg’s List, an online portal for tech companies

I’m using the ABT everywhere
“The ABT is such a good framework it deserves verb status!” – Ariella Labell, communications consultant

Gain an unfair advantage in business
“Learning how to use language strategically to sell, create categories and change the future is one of the most powerful, underdeveloped, under-appreciated skills in business. This book provides an unfair advantage for anyone who cares about producing exponential results.” – Christopher Lochhead, #1 Amazon Author | #1 Apple Podcaster | Top 1% Business Newsletter Creator

I wish I knew of the ABT framework sooner!
I’ve known Park for a few months now and he introduced me to the art of the ABT & I wish I knew about it sooner! I’m a solopreneur and I started using the ABT in my own business to communicate my services & my stories to hook my ideal clients in & convert them into paying clients. It’s such a simple, easy, fun & practical technique that you can really use in so many ways in your business. Its effective, it converts, it’s absolute genius! Thanks Park for teaching me this! – Justine Dolores, Podcast Producer

The best focusing tool I’ve ever used
I’ve worked in media and marketing for nearly 40 years. So you’d think I’d know a thing or two about storytelling. And I do. But, candidly, I’d never put a lot of intentional focus and effort behind it, leading to fuzzy and inconsistent narratives that I’m forever trying to “tweak.” Then along comes this ABT framework, delivered with gusto by Randy and Park, and it’s dramatically improved my communication skills – internally and externally – almost overnight. – Jim Knapp, Media Consultant

Great read, fabulous technique
I have long been a fan of Park and Randy’s work. Super fun read. The ABT framework is so intuitive and makes so much sense. I highly recommend this Book for anyone looking to improve their business communication skills and effectiveness. – Liam, Residential Contractor

You want to be an expert communicator AND the ABT is the strongest tool to strengthen your skills. BUT it takes practice, practice, practice. THEREFORE, start strengthening your abilities by ordering The Narrative Gym for Business NOW.

Oh, and…

Check out our companion online quick course called The ABT’s of Selling™.

In under 18 minutes through three short videos, you will learn how to apply the ABT in all of your business communications. Combined with The Narrative Gym for Business book, you’ll take a quick dive into crafting ABTs that will make you a more confident, clear and compelling communicator.