Learn How to Captivate Your Customers With a Bewitching Brand Story

In March 2019, I sniffed into an old claustrophobic bookstore in Queenscliff, Australia, like a mouse searching for cheese.

Pete of For Pete’s Sake Bookshop in Queenscliff, AU.

You know how people sometimes look like their dogs? Well, Pete, the proprietor, resembled his store: rather disheveled, with a somewhat bedeviling manner of answering my questions with questions that coaxed me in deeper.

You got the sense he was daring you to judge him by his cover, which apparently I was.

The labyrinth of For Pete’s Sake bookshop on Hesse Street feels like the clogged arteries of a chain reader. And I swear that the nine-foot musty walls of sagging bookshelves and piles of tomes were going to cave in on me at any moment.

But there they had stood, for what appears decades: a swollen fruit cellar of stories preserved in time, radiating an alluring energy, quaking with inquisitiveness.

“Where do you find all these books?” I asked Pete.

“Oh, I don’t find them, they find me.”

The Attraction of Story

Stories have a way of summoning forces, especially the stories we tell ourselves. Perhaps, as a leader of a purpose-driven brand, you have created one or several of the following personal narratives? And could that explain why this book has attracted you.

“We’re growing, but we’re not differentiated from our competition—and that scares the hell out of me.”

“We’re adding lots of team members, but we can’t get them all pulling in the same direction for lack of a story they can buy into and align with.”

“I was so embarrassed the other day when an investor asked me what our story was, and I had to tell him I didn’t have one.”

“I want my lifestyle business to have a greater impact in the world, but I need to find a way to stand out.”

“I’ve had a successful career, but now I want to make it significant by developing my personal/professional brand story.”

One thing is certain: Life is chaotic. Storytelling is the remedy that we seek to create meaning out of the madness of being alive. I have found, as you will too, that when you craft and tell your compelling brand story you will:

  • Increase your influence as a leader
  • Grow your organization and your people
  • Evolve a successful career into a significant one

But you have to understand the magic to cast the spell. That’s what drives me to share with you what I’ve learned about the applied science and bewitchery of storytelling.

The Narrative Spiral™ structure captured in the Story Cycle System™ to increase customer engagement with every revolution of your story

It has taken me nearly a decade to write, edit, test, toss, capture, and share the proven Story Cycle System™ my new book, Brand Bewitchery: How to Wield the Story Cycle System™ to Craft Spellbinding Stories for Your Brand.

I can promise you one thing: It works.

Through its pages, I show you how this 10-step brand story strategy framework (people are now calling it the “Narrative Spiral”) provides the solution and way forward to any and all of the personal narratives above that you may be telling yourself, as well as any others I didn’t list.

I don’t call it a “proven” system for no reason; this brand storytelling book is chock-full of case studies that demonstrate in detail how others have successfully activated the Story Cycle System. And you’ll be able to do the same.

Plus, as a useful bonus, when you apply each of the 10 steps of the Story Cycle System “Spiral Narrative” you will develop your storytelling skills and grow as a confident and compelling communicator. You will not only dial in your brand story, but you will grow from an intuitive to a masterful and intentional storyteller.

My 100 Percent Happiness Guarantee

I guarantee that the Story Cycle System will clarify your brand story, amplify your impact, and simplify your life. If it doesn’t deliver, you can keep this how-to book and I’ll refund all your money.

How can I make this 100 percent happiness guarantee? Because time and time again I’ve witnessed the game-changing, life-altering, the world-improving impact of the right story told on purpose.

I’ve taught story’s power to companies like Dell, McCormick (the spice people), Hilton Hotels, Cummins (the diesel engine people), American Express and the United States Air Force. And I’ve witnessed story’s ability to elevate individuals who sought to develop a compelling, “high-resolution” personal story to advance their careers.

My aim is to do exactly that for you.

This is not so much a storytelling guide as it is an instruction manual on how to realize the influence and impact that is pent up within your brand, just waiting to be released through the stories you conjure. You will use these storytelling spells to become a formidable leader who can nudge the world in any direction you choose—so choose wisely.

Plus, Brand Bewitchery will reignite within you the one true superpower we all possess—storytelling—by teaching you captivating narrative frameworks to enchant your audiences.

Soon, you’ll find that storytelling is your most valuable and yet underutilized business asset.

You’ll realize a whole new competitive edge to dramatically increase revenues, summon the focused forces of your team, and excel through the stories you tell.

So, I’m curious: Did you find this book, or did it find you?


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Story on, My friend.