Photo by Kel-Z, Creative Commons

Photo by Kel-Z, Creative Commons

What if you could write your 30-second elevator pitch in under five minutes? And it was actually good? helps you do just that. At first, I thought it was a gimmick site. But it really works. is a project by Phoenix brand consultant, Paula Satow. I know Paula, have seen her impressive work, and have yet had the opportunity to collaborate with her. Until now.

Give it a try. You briefly answer these questions, and your story writes itself. Then you take some sandpaper to it with a final edit, and you’re in business:

Step One

  • What is the pitch for: a person, place or thing?
  • Give your pitch a title
  • Upload a photo of your pitch
  • Who’s my target audience?
  • What’s their problem?
  • What’s my solution?
  • What’s different about me?
  • What’s the benefit I deliver?

Step Two

  • What’s the WOW Factor for my audience?
  • What’s the WOW Factor for me?

Step Three

  • This is where you finalize your pitch and make it perfect
  • Create a blurb
  • Create SEO through tags and links

Once you’ve created your pitch, the site makes it easy to share it with others and start generating your own buzz.

One final thought, and Paula you might have to forgive me on this one because I do like your site, but the mixed metaphors in your logo tell me too many different stories. Here’s the way I read it:

Buzz = conversation

Buzzuka = powerful shoulder cannon

So I’m thinking it’s a playoff of blasting your story out to the world to generate buzz. But then I read the tagline, “Bee Yourself,” which plays off of “buzz,” as an entomologist might, also asking the user to focus on their uniqueness. Wow, your logo sure tells a lot of stories.

Looking for more tools to craft your personal or professional story? Check out my resource library of free and premium downloadable tools and share your new pitch in the comments.