Speaking: The Power of Story Marketing with Park Howell

Create epic growth for your enterprise and your people through the Business of Story

From Liverpool, London and Amsterdam to Washington D.C., Chicago and San Francisco, Park Howell has been presenting Business of Story keynotes, workshops and mastermind sessions to the world’s top brands and institutions for a decade.


Ignite Your One True Superpower: Storytelling For Your Business

We were all at the tops of our games as storytellers in kindergarten, but our educational system, business conformity and societal norms have hushed our inner raconteur.

This entertaining and enlightening program will re-ignite the storyteller within your audience through a proven and intentional method to craft and tell compelling stories that sell.

Audience members will learn:storytelling

  • Why storytelling is more important now than ever in business
  • A practical story structure to guide any communication need
  • How to use story to connect shared values with employees and customers
  • How to humanize a professional services brand and your B2B marketing

Park uses his communications background from 30+ years in advertising, his study of mythology, his interest in Hollywood and his experience teaching sustainable storytelling at Arizona State University to deliver a fascinating program on the power of story in our lives.

Each member of the audience will leave with a better understanding about the bewitchery of story, why it is more important now than ever, and how to apply it immediately to advance their personal and professional missions further, faster.

Park’s presentation is based on his proven Story Cycle system. The 10-step method is distilled from the timeless narrative structure of the ancients, inspired by the story artists of Hollywood, influenced by masters of persuasion, guided by trend seers, and informed by how the mind grapples for meaning.

Park’s keynote includes a Story Cycle field guide for every audience member to outline their story. He also offers free storytelling tools on his website – BusinessOfStory.com – that attendees can access before and after the presentation, providing tremendous depth to his storytelling content.

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 What People are Saying About Park Howell 

“Park’s presentation on Sunday was also hugely successful! Everyone was fully engaged – clearly both very much enjoying themselves and learning a great deal. One of the most gratifying comments I’ve heard (from multiple sources) was that no previous conference speaker has ever before known so much about IACP or so clearly understood who we are and what we do.”

 —Talia Katz, JD Executive Director of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

“Thanks again for the outstanding plenary presentation.  As I left, numerous people were talking about how great it was.  My business partner, who has attended many forums and heard many plenary speakers, commented that it was clear that you understood collaborative practice with much greater depth than almost every past plenary speaker.  It really made it come alive for us and left people with tools that they can immediately use.”

— Catherine Conner, Founding Partner of Lawrence & Rodney LLP

“Park focused on the power of delivering your own story as it relates to your business and life.  Park closed the program with a bang.  His small gift to the audience was a booklet “What’s your Story?” which was a huge success.  He received a lot of audience participation and a line of questions after the program ended.

– Rick Murray, ASBA CEO

“Park Howell is a master storyteller, capturing his audience and inspiring listeners to learn how to best tell their own story. It’s an art form that has value for everyone in all industry sectors because it’s not enough to have a compelling story – you have to know how to communicate it effectively. Park is an excellent communicator and shares his expertise around the world. Arizona Forward members raved about his presentation – you will too!”

— Diane Brossart, President & CEO of Arizona Forward

“Park is truly a force of nature. His contagious energy, deep understanding of the human condition and superior skills in storytelling are essential to companies, organizations and communities seeking to advance their sustainability agenda. His presentation captivated, inspired and motivated to take the action. “

—Heather Burns, CSR Strategist & Reporting at Burns & Hammond

“Park’s message was great and the presentation even better – making him that rare presenter who encourages me to keep going to things like that in the hopes that I’ll be entertained and educated all in one fell swoop.”

— Cathy Stell, Marketing Manager, Adelante Healthcare

“I really enjoyed “The Power of Storytelling” event and found it quite informative. As I mentioned, I have two projects that would lend themselves to great stories. Your booklet process will certainly simplify my work. Please let me know about future events.”

— Jean Lasee, Organizational and Community Change Consultant

“Park is an amazing speaker who gets his audience thinking about new ways to use their own personal story to create real change. His presentation to a group of students, employees and community leaders showed how powerful the vehicle of storytelling can be to energize an organization and engage all its stakeholders.”

– Thomas Williams, Chief Sustainability Officer, Maricopa County Community Colleges

Park Howell’s 2017 Speaking Engagements

  • 2/20 PHX Startup Week, Phoenix
  • 2/24 Entrepreneurs Organization, Phoenix
  • 3/3 Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerator Group, Phoenix
  • 3/16 Air Force, Washington, D.C.
  • 3/22 Social Media Marketing World, San Diego
  • 3/28 Social Venture Partner’s Fast Pitch Event, Scottsdale
  • 3/30 Marketing Madness, Phoenix
  • 4/3 ASU/Investment Recovery Association, Las Vegas
  • 4/19 Vistage, Phoenix
  • 4/25 Ask an Expert, Chandler
  • 4/25 – 4/27 Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience, Las Vegas
  • 6/24 – 7/2 ASU EMSL, Amsterdam
  • 8/1 – 8/4 Adventure Marketing Conference, Chicago
  • 8/9 Great Impact, Phoenix

Park’s Past Speaking Engagements

  • The National Transportation Association Annual Conference, San Antonio. TX
  • Ciena, International Telecommunications Firm, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Arizona Forward Luncheon, Phoenix, AZ
  • Goodwill International CEO Conference of Executives, Augusta, GA
  • International Association of Business Communicators, Phoenix, AZ
  • Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Marketing Summit, Tempe, AZ
  • Sustainability Base Camp, Hearst Tower, NY
  • Sustainability Base Camp, IBM, NJ
  • Arizona Businesses Advancing Sustainability, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Goodwill International Summer Learning Event, Miami, FL
  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Chicago, IL
  • Forever Living Products Int’l Super Rally, Washington, D.C.
  • First Things First Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ
  • American Marketing Association: Two-day story workshops in Charlotte, NC & San Diego, CA
  • Florida Direct Marketing Association

For Event Planners

Long Bio

Park Howell has been in advertising for 30 years, has run his own agency for 20 years, and has been steeped in story marketing for the past 10+ years. He is the founder of the Business of Story, a proven platform based on his 10-step Story Cycle system to help business leaders and communicators achieve epic grow for your enterprise and your people.

His podcast features authors, screenwriters, makers, content marketers and brand raconteurs who share storytelling tips and techniques to help listeners engage audiences and move them to action.

He also created and teaches the communications curriculum for the Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program at Arizona State University. Park transforms international executives into Chief Storytelling Officers to advance their social initiatives further, faster.

Park was named Advertising Person of the Year in 2010 by the American Advertising Federation of Metro Phoenix. The following year, his agency was recognized among the Top 10 Impact Companies in Arizona by the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

He is a graduate of Washington State University, and combines his degrees in communications and music composition and theory to help businesses grow through the power of story marketing.

Short Bio

Park Howell, founder of the Business of Story platform, is a trusted brand story strategist, sought-after speaker on story marketing, and is the professor of storytelling in the Executive Masters of Sustainability Leadership at Arizona State University. He has helped international brands, including Coca Cola, Beyer Pharmaceutical, Cummins Diesel, American Express, and United States Air Force craft and tell compelling stories that sell.

Park Howell Introduction

Park Howell is a 30-year advertising veteran, trusted brand story strategist and sought-after speaker on story marketing. He is the founder of the Business of Story platform that helps you craft and tell compelling stories that sell.

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Park’s Promise to You

If asked to speak at your event, you can expect:

  • Promotion of your event including a customized video
  • Support of the other speakers
  • Professionalism with a presentation tailored to your audience
  • Availability for your attendees following his presentation
  • Accessibility at your social gatherings
  • Agility to adapt to last minute changes without a fuss
  • Park’s prima donna free guarantee

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