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Sell More by Saying Less!

You and your team want to thrive as effective communicators. You know if you strengthen your storytelling, then you can 10x your achievements no matter what your goal.

But telling stories in business is hard. Especially if you’re relying on multi-step processes like The Hero’s Journey or the Pixar way.

You’re a business leader, not a Hollywood screenwriter.

Now you can hook into the primal hearts of your prospects, customers, colleagues and investors in under 15 seconds with the simple and proven ABT (And, But Therefore) narrative framework… the three-word foundation to ALL persuasive business communications.


Do you have an amazing product or service to sell, or brand story to tell, but your message is falling flat because it’s too complex and confusing?

Have you lost confidence pitching it?

I know the feeling. I’ve been in the sales and marketing industry for 35+ years having run my own ad agency, Park&Co, for 20 years.

What bothered me most was NOT having a go-to narrative template that guaranteed I captivated my audiences.

Believe me, in the past 20 years, I’ve tried every storytelling method – starting with the 17-steps of the Hero’s Journey – but got lost.

I clawed through Blake Snyders 15-beats to story as outlined in his famous book Save the Cat.

I even figured the seven or eight steps of the Pixar way would take me to infinity and beyond, but learned it’s a lot harder to fly with it than it looks.

Three words that will transform your communications.

Then, in 2013, I discovered the ABT framework. Dr. Randy Olson, a Harvard Ph.D. evolutionary biologist who became a USC grad and Hollywood filmmaker introduced me to this messaging marvel. We’re now great friends as he teaches it to big-thinking scientists and academics while I translate the ABT into the business world.

The ABT framework helps you make your complex message simple and mesmerizing. How? By leveraging the three forces of story: Agreement, Contradiction and Consequence.


You want this AND it’s important to you because of this…
BUT you don’t have it because of this…
THEREFORE, here is how I am uniquely equipped to help you get it.

Our primal cause-and-effect, pattern-seeking, decision-making limbic buying brain LOVES this setup/problem/resolution story dynamic.

Learn the ABT and all of your business communications will become 10x more powerful… or more!








What is the ROI of the ABT?

Invest in learning the ABT and here’s what can happen:

  • A provider of international talent landed a $200,000 account with Adobe Systems by reframing its sales pitch using the ABT.
  • A global SaaS company serving the heavy construction industry increased LinkedIn engagement by 200% using the ABT.
  • A National Accounts Manager at Sharp Electronics closed a major account simply by using the ABT that Park presented in their workshop to focus his sales presentation.
  • A two-star general in the U.S. Air Force says his communication is now 4x more effective with his airmen and women.
  • An Arizona community health center grew by 600% based on its brand’s ABT value proposition.
  • A Quebec, Canada auto dealership quadrupled its growth and is franchising its unique brand helping pre-prime car buyers throughout North America.

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Legendary Silicon Valley Marketer, Christopher Lochhead, said…

Here’s how you’ll become a more influential communicator through any of our short ABT courses:

  • Focus all of your messages for immediate impact.
  • Connect with any audience through any channel quickly and convincingly.
  • Frame your pitch to sell more by saying less.
  • Leverage a common storytelling language to build camaraderie in your team.
  • Bridge the gap between marketing hyperbole and the sales stories you actually need to tell.
  • Craft a truly compelling brand positioning statement to differentiate you from your competition.
  • Create an irresistible unique value proposition for your offering.
  • Persuasively state your case for winning negotiations.
  • Hack through the noise and hook the hearts of your virtual audiences.
  • Dramatically increase engagement with all of your social media posts.
  • Confidently cut to the chase when your boss only gives you five minutes to sell your idea.
  • Clarify your story, amplify your impact and simplify your life.


Unlock your ABT Achievment badge to show the world you have elevated your storytelling skills.

What they’re saying…

“I introduce all of my clients to the ABT framework to make whatever sales platform they’re using more effective; it’s simply a faster way of selling.”
– Alice Heiman, internationally acclaimed Sales Strategist

I really, really like this quick-hitting message phrasing. So much so, that I put it to use in what is looking like a national expansion of one of my major accounts.”
O.C. Schott, Sharp Electronic’s top national sales representative in northern California

“Your program is one of my favorites here at IMS by far!”
Heather Wilson, Regional Director at The Institute for Management Studies

Every year I bring Park in to refresh my team on their story skills and introduce our new people to his profound training.”
Jennifer Russo, Senior Director of Corporate and H.R. Communications, Banner Health

Your perspective on storytelling greatly impacted our newly appointed Air Force Brigadier Generals and Senior Executive Service Members. Equipping our senior leaders with this vital skill-set helps facilitate strategic messaging, influencing, and engaging audiences at every level.”
David Goldfein, General, United States Air Force Chief of Staff

What you’ll get…

  1. Learn the ABT through three short videos by Park Howell, considered The World’s Most Industrious Storyteller by his clients.
  2. Experience captivating ABTs in the wild through numerous business, sales and branding examples.
  3. Craft your ABTs with a Business of Story interactive worksheet.
  4. Download the ABT development card for quick guidance.
  5. Share your ABT with Park for email coaching at no additional charge.
  6. Access to bonus content and storytelling resources personally curated by Park.

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Grab your copy of The Narrative Gym for Business to help you craft compelling ABTs. What Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style is to writing, this handy 75-page guide is to powerful communications through narrative structure and storytelling.

It’s the ideal companion to The ABTs of Selling™ and The ABTs of Branding™ quick online courses.