Business of Story Masterclass & Deliberate Practice Program

As a business leader, you are cranking out more content now than ever and it’s important that it converts your customers. But chances are you’re not being heard in our over-communicated world. Now, you can join a select cohort of communicators who will learn three potent narrative frameworks to connect with people and move them to action.

Register now for the Business of Story 8-Week Deliberate Practice Program that will teach you the applied science and bewitchery of storytelling.

Learn how you can use three proven narrative frameworks including the Story Cycle System™ to develop powerful storytelling for everything in your business — from clarifying your brand story to engaging marketing messages to converting customers to recruiting top talent and creating irresistible presentations and sales pitches.

You’ll clarify your story to distinguish you and your brand in a crowded, noisy world.

You’ll amplify your impact by creating immediate meaning and resonance in your target audiences with your stories.

And you’ll simplify your life by understanding what and who to say “No” to and when to say “Yes” to forces that support your journey.


The Business of Story masterclass and deliberate practice program is right for you if:

  • You are struggling to find and articulate your core personal, professional and/or organizational brand story
  • Your team is dazed and confused about the direction of your organization and you need to get them to buy into your story
  • Your clients rely on you to be the most compelling communicator in our over-communicated world

What You’ll Get From This Workshop + Deliberate Practice Program

  • Half-day of business storytelling instruction and inspiration followed by 7 weeks of clarity as you refine your brand’s story further
  • Learn how to increase your personal influence, clarify your professional story, and grow your organization, sales, and people
  • An interactive DIY Business Storytelling Workbook to guide you through the proven 10-step Story Cycle process
  • A crystal-clear brand story aligned with your business’ mission, values and position in the marketplace to share with customers and clients, employees, and investors
  • Better communication and presentation skills, both online and off

What’s the ROI of getting your story straight?

Take a look at some examples of past brands we’ve worked with and how their companies grew after they clarified their stories.

  • Avantpage Translations saw a 30% increase in new business after defining their story and centering their new branding around it.
  • Coca-Cola used the Story Cycle System™ to double the impact of its Fleet Ecodriving Program
  • A nonprofit community health center grew by 300+% and developed into a national leader in sustainable healthcare
  • Goodwill of Central Arizona grew by 400% in one year by rewriting its brand story.


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The Curious Design of our Storytelling Training

The deliberate practice program actually starts before week one. You will receive a pre-work assignment to familiarize you with the storytelling concepts and frameworks you’ll be learning. Plus, you will determine three crucial elements to your brand story that will make your distinctive narrative shine.

You will also participate in our private Facebook group to commune with your cohort and learn from each other. A wealth of additional Business of Story tips, tools and techniques will be shared throughout our two-month story forum.

Then you will apply the three frameworks to your brand story elements during the half-day masterclass that kicks off week 1 of the 8-week deliberate practice program.

8-Week Deliberate Practice Program

Your masterclass is followed by seven weeks of story assignments served up online via the eLearning platform Thinkific. Each assignment takes typically 10 to 15 minutes to complete and is designed for you to immediately apply to communication challenges and opportunities. This is how you make storytelling a habit and grow as a more effective communicator.

Save your place today! This is a select cohort of communicators committed to growing as storytellers, and seating is limited.


Craft your focused brand story and grow as a business communicator through our proven 8-week deliberate practice business storytelling program.

Masterclass Date: Thursday, June 6, 2019

Time: 9am – 1pm + Q&A with Park after

Location: BBB Arizona, 1010 E Missouri Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Can’t attend the workshop in Phoenix? Participate live via Zoom!



See Park in action and learn what people are saying about the Business of Story experience:

“Park’s storytelling session blew our people away and immediately made them more powerful communicators.” – Jennifer Russo, Director of Corporate Communications at Banner Health

“Your perspective on storytelling greatly impacted our newly appointed Air Force Brigadier Generals and Senior Executive Service Members. Equipping our senior leaders with this vital skill-set helps facilitate strategic messaging, influencing, and engaging audiences at every level.” – David Goldfein, General, USAF Chief of Staff

“Park gave me the insight I needed to live into my most powerful story.” — Anjella Crowe, Manager of Alliances & Partnerships at Silverline CRM.

“90 minutes in a workshop with Park Howell during Social Media Marketing World 2018 is changing EVERYTHING I write and touch this week from routine email to client proposals. EVERYTHING! Amazing.” – Laura Bond Williams, Principal, Momentum Public Relations

“Park introduced me to the art of storytelling. He offers a very engaging and dynamic program that is a game changer for communicators. Check it out.” – Colin Williams, Regional Communications Officer at American Red Cross

“One of the most gratifying comments I’ve heard (from multiple sources) was that no previous conference speaker has ever before known so much about IACP or so clearly understood who we are and what we do!!!!!!!!!!!!.” — Talia L. Katz, JD Executive Director

“Thank you so much for the invaluable storytelling advice!! I’m now using your tips to stand out in my professional career.” — Fernando Cruz Rio, Sustainability Leader

“Park Howell is a master storyteller, capturing his audience and inspiring listeners to learn how to best tell their own story. Our members raved about his presentation – you will too!” — Diane Brossart, President & CEO of Arizona Forward

“Park’s presentation is a gift.” – Ilknur Dönmez, Economic Development, Haarlemmermeer, NL


Half-Day Masterclass

  • Introduction & warm up
  • Why storytelling is more important now than ever to be heard and understood
  • ACTIVITY: Experience how humans are hardwired for story
  • Introduction to the And, But & Therefore (ABT) narrative framework to focus your story
  • ACTIVITY: Create and share individual ABTs and workshop them with your cohort
  • Introduction to ABT support stories and their five primal elements
  • ACTIVITY: Capture three moments/scenes that have shaped who you are today
  • BREAK: 11:30
  • ACTIVITY: Workshop the moments/scenes with the gathering
  • Introduction to the Story Cycle System™
  • ACTIVITY: Crafting individual stories using the Story Cycle System™
  • ACTIVITY: Workshop individual stories with the gathering
  • Bring your lunch and pick Park’s brain as he will be available until 2pm to answer questions and provide additional direction.

Deliberate Practice Program

  • Week 1: Half-day masterclass as outlined above
  • Week 2: And, But & Therefore assignment and worksheet to encourage daily use
  • Week 3: Using the five primal story elements to create your ABT support stories
  • Week 4: Outlining presentations, proposals and white papers using the Story Cycle System™
  • Week 5: Creating a narrative roadmap using the ABT, support stories and the Story Cycle System™
  • Week 6: Using brand descriptors to create story categories and organize your content
  • Week 7: Building your story library
  • Week 8: 60-minute video conference coaching session with you and the cohort to bring it all together