Deliberate Practice Program

Brand storytelling, business storytelling, leadership storytelling

You and your team will:

  • Learn how to use the And, But and Therefore narrative framework to create a focused theme
    for every communications piece
  • Apply the five primal elements of storytelling to make your communications compelling
  • Create engaging presentations, proposals, white papers and other longer-form communications
    using the Story Cycle System™ that follows a narrative arc your audiences can’t resist
  • Become adept at spotting stories in the wild for use in your inbound and outbound marketing
  • Develop a story library for sales, marketing and employee engagement

We tailor our hands-on sessions to the exact needs of your audience.

Here is an overview:

  • 9:00 am: Introduction & warm up
  • 9:15: Why storytelling is more important now than ever to be heard and understood
  • 9:20: ACTIVITY: Experience how humans are hardwired for story
  • 9:30: Introduction to the And, But & Therefore (ABT) narrative to focus your story
  • 9:40: ACTIVITY: Create and share individual ABTs and workshop them with your gathering
  • 10:00: Introduction to ABT support stories and their five primal elements
  • 10:20: ACTIVITY: Capture three moments/scenes that have shaped who you are today
  • 10:30: BREAK:
  • 10:45: ACTIVITY: Workshop the moments/scenes with the gathering
  • 11:00: Introduction to the Story Cycle SystemTM
  • 11:10: ACTIVITY: Crafting individual stories using the Story Cycle SystemTM
  • 11:30: ACTIVITY: Workshop individual stories with the gathering
  • 11:50 Q&A
  • Lunch!

Each attendee gets an And, But & Therefore worksheet, story spotting worksheet and a What’s Your Story? workbook, plus links to additional resources to continue building their storytelling muscles.

  • Week 2: And, But & Therefore assignment and worksheet to encourage daily use
  • Week 3: Using the five primal story elements to create your ABT support stories
  • Week 4: Outlining presentations, proposals and white papers using the Story Cycle SystemTM
  • Week 5: Creating a narrative roadmap using the ABT, support stories and the Story Cycle
  • Week 6: Using brand descriptors to create story categories and organize your content
  • Week 7: Building your story library
  • Week 8: 60-minute video conference coaching session with your team to bring it all together

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