Impact Call


I’ve been at this brand story consulting thing for some time now.

Park Howell will help you get your brand story straight via phone, video conference or in-person consultation.

Have you ever wallowed in the malaise of wondering where your business is headed?

You know in your heart that you are about something bigger than just the product or service you provide. But you haven’t dialed in your purpose-driven brand story. You’re spinning your wheels.

That feeling sucks!

I’ve experienced that same fog with my own agency when I ran Park&Co. I even struggle with it at times with the Business of Story.

It saps my enthusiasm. Strangles my energy. And clouds my vision.

I liken this feeling to when Wesley in the Princess Bride awakens in the Pit of Despair.

On one hand, your circumstance seems dire. But you must realize the troll imprisoning you is just your own insecurities surfacing from the lack of a focused story.

I call this “brand doubt.”

Brand doubt is when at 2 a.m. you lay there wrestling with where your business is headed.

Brand doubt is the disconcerting feeling driving into the office when it seems like your day controls you more than you control it.

Brand doubt is the dread of running the morning’s team meeting because you’re not clear on the direction you’re providing your people.

Brand doubt, when left unchecked, kills your sales.

The troll of brand doubt is tough to tackle alone. When you’re in the trenches; in the fog of war. Trying to make ends meet.

But I can help.

I have a new offering where you and I jump on call to sort through your brand story. Given my schedule, I can only do a handful of these consults a week.

Together we can roll that troll of brand doubt that’s darkening your life.

Get re-energized about your business. Become crystal clear on where you’re headed.

Enroll your people in a story that they can buy into and prosper from.

Differentiate your brand in the forest of competition.

Oh, and make more money in the process. A lot more money. Like 600% more, as one of my clients has accomplished.

Register for your clarity call now.

Let’s break the chains of brand doubt and escape your Pit of Despair. You’ll look back and realize just how comical the pit was in the first place.

You’ve got this.

Story on, my friend.