What’s Your Story Field Notebook

Grow as a Confident and Compelling Communicator With This Fun and Easy-to-Use Story Crafting Book

Stories have a force all their own. But they’re hard to tell unless you know how.  The What’s Your Story? field notebook will take you by the hand in three simple steps that will make your stories sing.

Use These Three Proven Narrative Frameworks
to Bewitch Your Audience

1. Focus the theme for all of your messaging with the And, But & Therefore (ABT) foundational narrative framework 

2. Apply the 5 Primal Elements of Story to craft short stories for big impact
(These anecdotes are used to support and illustrate the premise of your ABT)

3. Create long-form communications including presentations, articles, blogs, white papers,
and proposals using the 10 steps of the proven Story Cycle System™ that will escort
your audience on a narrative journey and move them to action. 

Plus bonus material!

Order your What’s Your Story? field notebook for you and your team now! 


The 2018 Visit California Outlook Forum in Anaheim, California, February 15, 2018.

Yeah, what they said…

“We started using the books and the women love them! We have been using them as a helpful guide to get women to share their story. The books serve as a great compass to put their thoughts together and in one space.” 

Katherine Selph | Marketing Manager
Fresh Start Women’s Foundation

“In perfecting my communication skills through the ‘What’s Your Story?’ booklet, I gained confidence that grew our non-profit to great heights! I have also used the storytelling guide in my personal life. I shared the tool with my daughters and many of their friends to assist them with formatting their college essays. My daughters both received acceptance letters to competitive schools. I attribute that to their essays since their GPAs were on the lower end of the spectrum for admittance.  Thank you, Park Howell, for the gift to tell my story and others to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer!

Holly Rose | Founder/CEO