Michael Davis - Founder of Speaking CPR

Get Vulnerable in Your Stories to Set Your Presentations on Fire

Get Vulnerable in Your Stories to Set Your Presentations on Fire

When creating presentations to communicate data within your organization, it can be tempting to focus on just the data and perhaps try and fit too much into one talk. But learning how to trim down to one central theme and use genuine stories is critical to a successful presentation of data, as this narrative will help you connect with your audience and get your message heard.

Today’s guest got his start in storytelling by nearly being fired for his lack of telling stories. In fact, he points to a moment when he was in the first grade that kept him from using stories in his career for many decades. This fear was almost fatal to his work in the financial services world, yet now, he teaches people around the world how to use storytelling to connect with audiences and move them to action.

Michael Davis, the storytelling M.D., is the founder of Speaking CPR. He has many books on the subject of selling through storytelling. You’ll hear Michael’s own harrowing experience that made him shun the stage for years, and what became the impetus to re-ignite his inner story-teller. You’ll learn the importance of having one central theme to your stories, and how your stories trigger stories in others. We’ll talk about the steps that you can take directly following this program to reignite the silenced storyteller within you.

Primary Points:

  • Why keeping yourself to one topic will help your presentation be heard
  • How to be vulnerable and share personal stories to connect with your audience
  • How you can re-ignite your inner storyteller


Key Quotes:

“My goal is to give life to lifeless presentations and stories.” —@SpeakingCPR (click to tweet)

If we don’t see a change, then the story doesn’t have much meaning to us.” —@SpeakingCPR (click to tweet)

“A confused mind says no. A clear mind says go.” —@SpeakingCPR (click to tweet)


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