Brand Story Strategy Consulting

Want to Get Your Brand Story Straight?

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Do any of these situations sound like you?

  • We have a solid business model, but we don’t have our brand story straight.
  • We are growing fast and adding people, but I don’t have everyone pulling in the same direction because we don’t know our story.
  • Other competitors have noticed our success and are now coming into our industry, and I need to create more brand differentiation to secure our position as the leader.


  • I was embarrassed last week when my banker/investor asked me about our brand story and I didn’t have one.
  • I know our next growth spurt is going to require a better brand story.
  • I sure we have a great brand story, I’m just not sure how to tell it.
This is what I hear most often when someone calls for help getting their brand story straight. They are usually the owner of an emerging company with revenues between $1M and $10M. The brand is poised for epic growth. But they need to clarify their story.

Your brand story is not about what you make, but what you make happen

We help business leaders, marketers, communicators and sales executives craft and tell compelling brand stories that drive business results. We use our proven 10-step Story Cycle system to help you clearly communicate brand strategy and execution, employee engagement, internal initiatives, marketing & sales presentations, customer persona development, leadership development and campaign activation.

We have helped companies grow by as much as 400 percent. See for yourself on our results page.

Brand story consulting services tailored to your specific communications needs

  • Brand story assessment, planning and creation
  • Story activation/communications plan
  • Storytelling for leaders and sales training

Benefits of authoring your business story

  • Determine your brand’s precise market position to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Articulate the emotional brand promise that resonates with your audiences to enhance your performance
  • Reveal the authentic personality that best expresses the uniqueness of your brand to entice and engage your customers
  • Define your true brand purpose to create transformational employee and customer relationships
  • Create a brand story strategy to connect with your customers where they’re at: both mentally and physically
  • Understand where your business stories need to live online and off to capture the largest audiences when they’re ready to buy
  • Map customer journeys that connect their worlds with yours through the stories you tell and live to create lasting brand bonds, rituals and evangelists

Personal added value for everyone participating

  • Better understand your own personal brand story to grow your influence, and professional brand story to grow your business
  • Create a story that everyone can live into and prosper from
  • Appreciate the journeys of the people around you to foster significant interpersonal relationships
  • Empathize and connect with your core audiences, including employees and customers to build brand activists who participate in the growth of your brand
  • Make sense of your organization’s trajectory and where it’s headed to author a viable operational plan for substantial growth
  • Build consensus among your leadership around your brand story and what your organization truly stands for so everyone is pulling in the same direction for the same goals
  • Get your kid to eat her peas, because with your one true superpower of storytelling, you can nudge the world in any direction you choose

If you’re ready to get your brand story straight, email Park Howell at We’ll find a convenient time to discuss your needs. Or, you can just pick his brain.

Following your input, we will prepare an initial proposal. It will include details of the work to be completed, deliverables, such as written reports or assessments, our consulting fee, plus any expenses such as travel for an onsite visit.

Our consulting fee is a flat rate that will be based upon the predetermined scope-of-work, usually over a 60 to 90 day period. From your input, a final version of the proposal is provided for your approval and a start date is set. 

Recommendations from Our Clients

“Our greatest obstacle was clarity. There were many assumptions about our new brand given the new focus on sustainability, as well as all the activity outside our industry in the green movement. Park&Co helped make this brand identity relatable and easy to understand.” – Avein Tafoya, CEO of Adelante: Sustainable Healthcare for All

“Zeroing in on your corporate essence, soul, identity, and story is difficult for any business. For an early-stage Venture like Elevate, it was even more intimidating and challenging to do on our own. That’s why we turned to Park Howell and his Story Cycle brand authoring process. Business of Story helped us find our story and tell it to others across multiple channels and mediums in a way that resonated profoundly with our audiences. Together we achieved the authentic engagement that most companies only dream of.   – Anthony Bajoras, Chief Marketing Officer, Elevate

“Park Howell’s storytelling process transformed the way I look at and act in my business. Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey that Park takes inspiration from in his branding and advertising work has deep and powerful insights into why we make the decisions we do and take the transformational journeys we take.  I’m a huge fan of Park and his work.” – Dean Newlund, Mission Facilitators International, The next phase in global business

“The Story Cycle System provided the perfect framework to distill the vision and backstory of a new venture to the 4 key pillars of a brand (Position, Promise, Personality and Purpose). What started as 20 pages of self-reflection, vision and mission – turned into a concise strategic document which will fuel the soul of the brand moving forward. Park’s insight, perspective and approach to the process are invaluable.” – Devin Dvorak, MobileList

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