Jonathan Barney, Founder of Inspired.Service

#98: How A Focused Brand Story Will Help You Standout from the Crowd

#98: How A Focused Brand Story Will Help You Standout From The Crowd

Our goal with Business of Story is to help you create your brand, and in the process, we have fine-tuned our own story crafting procedure. The workbook is a wonderful developmental tool, but not everyone has a clear idea of what that program is. That’s why today I’m going to work with a listener like you to demonstrate the 10 Step Story Cycle in action.

For the past 97 episodes, we have brought you guests from around the world to share their wisdom in crafting a compelling story for your brand. This week, we’re doing the opposite.

We’ve invited a long-time listener, Jonathan Barney, founder of Inspired.Service, to demonstrate the 10 Step Story Cycle Program. Jonathan is a service industry veteran and a young entrepreneur who has bravely volunteered to join us and discuss his story.

In this episode we follow the simple guidelines of our brand storytelling workbook: Own Your Story: Your DIY Guide to Craft And Tell Compelling Brand Stories That Sell, and using Jon’s experiences and motivations, we create a powerful business story.

Join us as we take his incipient business, apply the 10 step story cycle to his work, and produce the beginnings of a strong brand narrative. Learn how you too can own your story.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • The four-step exercise: identifying your brand’s place in the market
  • How to apply the ten-step story cycle to your brand
  • Learning to love your antagonists

Key Quotes

  • “That story was not a huge thing, but it triggered a passion in him” – Park Howell
  • “You want to boil it down to your position in the marketplace. What is your service that nobody else can deliver?” – Park Howell
  • “What you want to do is really understand your audience’s story.” – Park Howell
  • “What is at stake for your audience? What is it they want?” – Park Howell
  • “Who is the hero? It’s not the brand, it’s the customer.” – Park Howell
  • “Someone has to be the first monkey shot into space. I’m glad it was me.” – Jonathan Barney

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