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Patagonia’s Director of Philosophy shares the power of authentic storytelling with students of new Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program at ASU

…share with our students how Patagonia demonstrates its leadership in sustainability through the authentic stories it tells and lives. You can explore Patagonia’s commitment to the environment by reading the…

Park Howell

#3: How to Be a Story Activist

…to storytelling, and has been with Patagonia since its inception.   During his tenure with Patagonia, Stanley has seen a marked shift in human behavior toward the forces of nature….

Park Howell

The Step-by-Step Process for Crafting Your Brand Story

…have evolved from being promoters of stuff to publishers of valued content. They view consumers as allies. For instance, Patagonia, with its “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign, has reframed the…

Park Howell

#240: How the World’s Most Admired Brands Tell Their Stories

…Business of Story online course #53: How to Use Archetypes to Create Deeper Customer Connections Patagonia Brand Strategy / Positioning Case Study Gucci Brand Strategy / Positioning Case Study Facebook…


#101: How to Tell Stories on Purpose to Grow Revenue and Amplify Your Impact

…instance. He’s the Director of Philosophy for the outdoor retailer, Patagonia. He was one of my first guests back in July of 2015. And he talked about how Patagonia essentially…

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How Sustainable is Your Sustainability Message?

…it. They are both an online and bricks-and-mortar boutique that makes it fun and easy for consumers to embrace sustainable green products in their lives and homes. Patagonia has been…

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10 Brand Story Elements of REI’s Disruptive #OptOutside Black Friday Campaign

…Stakes In its bold proclamation to #OptOutside instead of shop, much like Patagonia’s “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign in 2011, REI is building employee and customer engagement by expressly living…

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10 Sustainable Brands that Turned Green Marketing Campaigns into Movements

…benefit from. Patagonia – The Tin Shed. Enough said. Red – Park&Co’s former creative director, Luis Medina, chimed in, “Like a lot of people, when that campaign first emerged I…

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[Freya Williams] Business of Story podcast

#143: How Logic and Magic in Your Purpose-Driven Brand Storytelling can Change the World

…This Episode Green Giants: How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability Into Billion- Dollar Businesses Freya Williams Twitter Futerra Elon Musk and Tesla Chipotle Sustainability Nike Sustainability Patagonia Sustainability Made For Change…

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#92: How to Use Story Marketing to Make Movements Happen

…episode Kimberly Manno Reott Kimberly Manno Reott Twitter Context Partners Rockefeller Foundation Sally Hogshead Fascination Advantage Assessment Rainforest Alliance Aspirationals Vincent Stanley Patagonia New York Times Damnation Yvonne Chouinard Schwinn…

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