Kris Herbert, Journalist & Social Media Content Marketer

#141: How to Use Small-Batch Brand Storytelling to Connect People with Place

#141: How to Use Small-Batch Brand Storytelling to Connect People with Place

We’re all guilty of putting profits above people at some point in our lives. All too often, brand marketers forget that we’re communicating with humans, not numbers. But success is often measured by how we impact the lives around us, and as storytellers we should always aim to connect with and help one another.

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Kingswood Skis’ small batch storytelling on Instagram

Our guest today, Kris Herbert of Kingswood Skis, has a gift of bringing people together through story. I was first introduced to Kris when she downloaded our DIY Story Cycle workbook. After witnessing her beautiful storytelling skill and how she was able to connect people through it, I knew we needed her on the show.

In this episode, Kris shares how small batch storytelling can effectively change the world.  Listen to the engaging stories she’s crafted for Kingswood Skis, the company she owns with her husband Alex. You’ll appreciate how to portray your brand’s personality and solve real-world problems with your product or service.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The power of small batch storytelling and how to use it effectively
  • How to use your business values to engage your audiences
  • How to use narrative descriptions to bring your customer personas to life
  • How to find the moments that connect people while capturing and sharing those stories
  • How she brings people together, collects local history and promotes cool places through location-based audio storytelling with her new Our Stories Project

Key Quotes

“Sometimes telling our own story is the hardest thing we do.” – Kris Herbert

“Enterprises are the most powerful entities on the planet. If we need change, we need them to change.” – Kris Herbert

“All the excuses companies make about putting profits over the environment are just not valid.” – Kris Herbert

“Businesses have a duty to help their consumers consume wisely.” – Park Howell

“Stop thinking about your story, start thinking about your scenes.” – Park Howell

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