Carvana Story Training

Welcome to your Carvana story training resource page from our pilot program. Here you’ll find recordings from our three sessions, story tools and additional resources to help you grow as a confident, compelling and persuasive communicator.

BUT, as you know, it takes practice.

So feel free to use and share this resource to help you and those around you excel through the stories you tell.

Learning Outcomes

Stories of Carvana Stories

  1. Have your messages land right the first time using the ABT (And, But, Therefore) agile narrative framework for speed to meaning.
  2. Make your business points more persuasive by illustrating them through anecdotes using the five primal elements of a short story for big impact.
  3. Transport your audience into your world using the proven 10-step Story Cycle System™ for your presentations and long-form communications.
  4. Learn how to apply all three of the above story frameworks in all of your messaging.
  5. Grow your influence as a compelling communicator.

Here’s how…

Session I: The ABT Foundation for All Persuasive Business Communications

When was the last time you were bored into buying anything?

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling an idea, product or service, when you confuse you lose. Clarity is everything!

That’s why we start by building your narrative intuition around the three forces of story: Agreement, Contradiction & Consequence with the ABT.

This messaging structure is irresistible to our primal cause-and-effect, pattern-seeking, decision-making limbic brain. It’s the applied science of story to bewitch your audience so that you can move them, no wait, EXCITE them to action!

The ABT is the DNA of storytelling. Get this short and sweet but tricky narrative framework down and you will revolutionize how you communicate to get that Homo sapiens sitting across from you to see the world as you do.

For your review, Carvana Story Session I:

Additional Storytelling Resources:

Session II: 5 Primal Elements of a Short Story for Big Impact

Hooking your audience in under 15 seconds with your ABT is the only way to start any presentation or communication. Then you want to land them with a short and sweet anecdotal story that makes your business point for you. Here’s how you do it hrough Session II…

Additional Storytelling Resources:

Session III: How to Captivate Your Audience Through Compelling Presentations and Long-Form Communications

Shaping the story strategy for your presentations and long-form communications is critical to transporting your audience from their world into yours. If you deftly use the ABT to hook them up top, and anecdotes sprinkled throughout to illustrate your business points, then you will become astonishingly convincing.

But it doesn’t work unless you have a strategic storytelling plan.

Therefore, elevate all of your communications using a simple one-page strategy sheet that leads you through the 10 steps of the proven Story Cycle System™ to create and deliver storied presentations.

When you do, you’ll find that you can own any room: the boardroom, breakroom, chatroom or living room, (yes, you can even use the applied science and bewitchery of storytelling on your loved ones at home).

Here is Carvana Story Session III for your review:

Additional Storytelling Resources:

  • Watch this short exploration of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, the monomyth story template that has been around since the first recorded story of Gilgamesh and the inspiration for the Story Cycle System™. Once you watch it you’ll realize that this epic story framework is so powerful in business because it mirrors how we, our colleagues and customers experience life…

  • Download and work in your one-sheet interactive Busines of Story Selling Framework. The beautiful part is that you don’t have to be a story theorist to make it work for you. Just answer the questions on the sheet relative to your audience, what they want and how you will help them get it. Then craft your presentation in the order of your answers and you will automagically create your presentation or long-form communication using the power of the Story Cycle System™.

Feel Free to Download the Training Deck as Your Guide:

Carvana Business of Story Mastery Course

For a deeper dive into using all three frameworks, grab a copy of Park’s book Brand Bewitchery on Amazon or Apple Books.

Story on!