With Randy Olson, PhD

#318: The One Narrative Framework You Need for Effective Business Storytelling

#318: The One Narrative Framework You Need for Effective Business Storytelling

You have an important brand story to tell and you need to communicate it in a way that will quickly connect and convert your prospects into life-long customers. But you’re not connecting like you could because you’re overcomplicating your message confusing your audience.

Therefore, I’m excited to connect you with this extra-special edition of The Business Of Story that launches my second book, The Narrative Gym For Business. Co-authored with my good friend, Dr. Randy Olson who introduced me to the foundational narrative framework of the ABT (And, But, Therefore) in 2013, The Narrative Gym for Business is a short 75-page deep dive guide into how you can craft this messaging dynamo for all of your business communications. 

Legendary Silicon Valley marketer Christopher Locchead says, “This book provides an unfair advantage for anyone who cares about producing exponential results.”

Greg Head, Founder of ScalingPoint and Greg’s List, said, “The ABT is THE most powerful framework for communication that I have ever used. Thanks for your podcasts, blog posts, and workshops that led up to this book about the ABT.”

Communications consultant Ariella Label added, “The ABT is such a good framework it deserves verb status!”

Tune in as Randy and I share this secret selling technique and how you can use this fundamental narrative framework of the ABT to transform your business storytelling and win your customers over every time.

Discussed in this episode

  • What is the ABT framework and why it works 
  • How to truly understand the three forces of story that will ignite a light in your audience’s mind to get their attention and convert
  • Why you need to stop leading with a problem statement & instead be leading with an agreement statement
  • Examples of how to write your ABT from the perspective of your customer, making them the hero of your stories and not from your brand’s viewpoint
  • How to effectively use the arouse and fulfill formula to connect with your audience


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