Medela Moments Story Training

Welcome to your Medela Moments resource page. Each week I will post your ZOOM trainings right here. Plus, I will share additional audio, video, and reading resources to ignite your growth as a mesmerizing mage of moments. Since we focused on the ABT in week one and you asked about length, the number of sentences, etc, here’s the shortest one I can think of:

Your competition communicates AND cares, BUT bores. THEREFORE, tell a story about marvelous Medela moments to win the day every day.

One of the best communications lessons I learned is to write with vigor: Brevity is vigor.

Week 1: ABT (And But & Therefore)

How to ignite a fire with your ABT.

For a deeper dive into the power of moments, check out Chip & Dan Heath’s book.

Week 2: 5 Primal Elements of Story

Share your short story for big impact.

Read: How to Use Small Stories for Big Impact in Business Communications

Week 3: Your Moment of Connection

Share a story about you that connects with your prospect or customer to build trust.

Week 4: Your Moment of Insight

Share a story about change. You’ve been doing it this way, AND it’s worked to do this, BUT this is what has changed. THEREFORE, Medela offers this and your future looks like this… While you’re using the ABT framework of set up | problem | resolution, please tell a real-world anecdote using the five primal elements of story.

Week 5: Your Moment of Influence

When you encounter an objection – or what I call an anti-story – about your offering, the only thing that will overcome it is a better story. This is when you share your moment of influence to get your prospect to see it your way.

Week 6: Your Moment of Success

Your prospects want something another one of your customers already has. Share that moment so they can imagine that same success in their life.

Click to download the Medela Moments Story Elements

Prep for Medela Moments Team Story Training

Here is the slide deck with your team members and details on the training and fun competition: Medela Moments Team Story Training

Business of Story Resources:

Grab a copy of Park’s new book Brand Bewitchery on Amazon or Apple Books.

Use your What’s Your Story? field guide to demonstrate the three narrative frameworks we teach.

Listen to the Business of Story show, which is ranked among the top 10% of downloaded podcasts in the world to learn from international story artists how to craft and tell compelling stories that sell.