Let’s Make Your Appearance Amazing

Thank you for coming on the Business of Story show.

We are in our eighth year and ranked among the top 10% of downloaded podcasts in the world. And now we’re adding video to our interviews, so please be prepared to record with us on Riverside.fm.

Here’s what you need to do to make the most of your time on The Business of Story.

  1. Fill out our Guest Wrap Sheet so that we can prepare for and promote your appearance.
  2. If you have a book to promote, please send me a copy to 1085 Raintree Rd. #25108, Munds Park, AZ, 86017. Or email a digital copy to park@businessofstory.com
  3. Find a one-hour recording slot that works best for you: Book My Interview
  4. If you don’t have one, secure a quality microphone to plug into your computer so you don’t sound like you’re coming to us from an echoey diving bell.
  5. Listen to a recent episode to experience how you’ll appear in our unique storytelling format.
  6. On the day of our interview, settle into a quiet location with a solid internet connection.
  7. Please use the above email to let us know where you will be sharing your appearance on the Business of Story with your audience. We appreciate it.

Here are more tips to help you shine.

Our goal is always to have our guests look and sound their best so that our listeners (and now viewers) feel like you’re one of their buds.