John Jantsch - Founder & President at Duct Tape Marketing

#68: 3 Big Things You Can Do Right Now to Jumpstart Your Business

#68: 3 Big Things You Can Do Right Now To Jumpstart Your Business

We all have important brand stories to tell, and we use innumerable social media channels to be heard. But it’s nearly impossible to standout in today’s Attention Economy without the proper search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your brand storytelling. Therefore, today’s guest will cover the three big things you need to know to help your business stories rise above the noise and be heard.  

seoWe have a guest that’s going to help us define our strategy for getting our stories heard. John Jantsch has been in the advertising marketing world for more than three decades. He is the founder of Duct Tape Marketing, and he’s written five terrific books in the advertising and marketing world, where he specializes in helping small businesses get their act together by using a very dedicated marketing system that they can implement right away.

When it comes to story, John focuses on emphasizing the uniqueness and remarkability of your brand offering. Sometimes we’re all so close to our businesses that we don’t even know what we do best. It takes folks like John and myself to show up and help you understand what that is. There is also another group close to you that you probably didn’t even realize is just waiting to be your ally.

Key Quotes

“The magic isn’t what we do, it’s what happens to people when we do it.” —@ducttape

“The channels cho0se themselves based on your strategy.”  —@ducttape 

“We often we are trying to get our clients to do less.” —@ducttape

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