Christopher Lochhead

#351: 7 Ways to Capitalize on the Direct-to-Creator Model

#351: 7 Ways to Capitalize on the Direct-to-Creator Model

As a creator, you have never had a greater opportunity to monetize your content. But old-fashioned publishers and big tech want to relegate you to their platforms where they make the money. 

Therefore, on today’s show, we explore the relative new direct-to-creator model where you earn the income you deserve for your creations.

Known as the “godfather” of Category Design, Christopher Lochhead joins us today to share the director-to-creator model and how it’s disrupting the old ways of publishing. Chris is on a mission to help people design a different future. He is a nine-time #1 bestselling author, #1 charting Apple podcaster and top 0.5% business newsletter creator and his team now also have one of the top-performing newsletters on Substack. 

Being a dyslexic paperboy from Montreal who got thrown out of school at 18, he was left with few other options. Chris became an entrepreneur, then moved on to become a three-time Silicon Valley public company CMO and an investor/advisor to over 50 venture-backed startups.

Chris has also co-authored two books Play Bigger and Niche Down becoming the first on the management discipline of brand Category Design. This followed shortly a host of more #1 accomplishments including The Category Pirates Newsletter being the #1 paid newsletter on Category Design and the Category Pirates Series being the #1 charting Amazon mini-books, Christopher Lochhead Follow Your Different is a #1 charting business dialogue podcast and Lochhead on Marketing is a #1 charting Marketing and Category Design podcast.

Tune in as we explore why categories make brands and not the other way around, insights into the disruptive direct-to-creator world on platforms like Substack and how you can earn what you deserve from your creative content. 


Discussed in this episode 

  • The art of defining a category and creating new market categories
  • How to determine your category POV
  • What role super consumers play in dominating a category
  • Using Substack and how they are helping writers manage their own subscription-based businesses
  • Evangelizing a point of view
  • What a breakthrough business model innovation looks like
  • How to become the king of content and find your brand voice
  • Why Chris believes the ABT is pure genius in setting up your brand POV 
  • The importance of having a lens to see what others don’t see and capture the exponential new value generated by an ecosystem of employees, customers, partners, investors and communities



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