Robert DiMeo & Miri Rodriguez

#244: COVID-19: How to Show Up Every Day in Your Brand Storytelling

#244: COVID-19: How to Show Up Every Day in Your Brand Storytelling

No matter the industry, brands all over the world are feeling the effects of this pandemic. And while a handful of brands such as Amazon are experiencing a major increase in business, the majority of us have experienced the opposite. Because of that, many of us have gone into crisis mode and as a result, overlook opportunities to be there for our customers.

But we all possess the capability to make our customers the heroes on this journey. It comes down to a brand’s capacity for empathy.

So, learn from Microsoft’s Head of Global Internships, Miri Rodriguez, and investment advisor Robert DiMeo, Managing Partner at DiMeo Schneider and Associates as they share ways to show up positively every day with your brand storytelling during the coronavirus crisis to help those who need you.

Discussed in this Episode

  • How Microsoft is responding to the crisis
  • The digital opportunities that will come from this crisis
  • The ways in which brand stories have evolved due to this crisis
  • How empathy is forcing a pivot in goods & services and how brands are responding in what they can do next
  • How DiMeo Schneider & Associates is responding to the crisis
  • Best practices for managing your financial portfolio during this crisis

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