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#247: How to Pivot With Your Digital Storytelling Due to COVID-19

#247: How to Pivot With Your Digital Storytelling Due to COVID-19

Maintaining a digital presence is important for just about any business and in the midst of this current crisis, it has become existential. In fact, brands that are stepping up their digital presence with empathy, advice, and support are being noticed not only by customers but by new audiences as well.

But, many brands are not taking advantage of the digital opportunities this crisis has presented. So, I have asked John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility, one of America’s top digital marketers, to share how you can respond to the Coronavirus from a digital marketing strategy perspective, as there’s something EVERY business can do.


Discussed in this Episode

  • The importance of all companies implementing a digital-fall back plan
  • The importance for all businesses to have a customer communication plan and what this includes
  • Why now is a great time for every business to do a full digital refresh
  • How Ignite Visibility is handling the coronavirus crisis
  • What industries are seeing an uptick in business due to the crisis
  • Ways that businesses can add value for their customers and communities during this time of crisis

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