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#153: How to Evolve as a Brand Storyteller

#153: How to Evolve as a Brand Storyteller

What is it about TV shows, movies, or those viral Facebook videos that keep you glued to the screen? The answer is quite simple: story. And if you are able to create a story that the audience can truly connect to, you’ve struck gold.

But it takes hard work, focus and the ability to produce, edit and learn.

Jason Ensler has mastered the art of striking gold with storytelling. On today’s show, he shares his evolution as a film director and storyteller and what you can learn from his experiences as you grow as a brand and business storyteller.

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Jason has a resume a mile long. You have no doubt watched shows that he’s has directed and executive produced including Hart of Dixie, Grace and Frankie, Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Goldbergs, and more.

On this week’s show, you’ll learn what it takes to find those hidden moments in a story that will make your brand the brand that people are glued to.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The importance of observation and finding the hidden moments that make your story powerful
  • The seven elements of visual storytelling
  • How to balance the soul and science of storytelling to connect with your audiences

Key Quotes

“You can look at a story and use color to express character, subjective emotion, or even to arc a film.” – Jason Ensler

“Once you’ve got them hooked, then you grab them with some kind of person-to-person relationship, some kind of relationship.” – Jason Ensler

“You’re going to be given limitations within a business structure. And you have to meet those limitations, but you have to do it creativity.” – Jason Ensler

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