Dr. Shyam Shridharani and Avni Shridharani

#237: How to Share a Healthy Brand Origin Story

#237: How to Share a Healthy Brand Origin Story

Have you ever poured your heart and soul into solving a problem only to realize you are not the only one who could benefit from the solution you found? And, after realizing your discovery could help many, why would you not want to share it with the world?

But when the market is oversaturated, how do you even begin to get your product found? To be successful, you have to craft a concise and compelling brand category story that’s all your own.

And that starts with your origin story.

You are about to hear the amazing origin story of Dr. Shyam Shridharani and his wife Avni. Avni is an accomplished public health professional and Shyam is an internationally renowned spinal surgeon. But even with their extensive medical backgrounds, neither could find a cure for Avni’s debilitating seasonal stress. What started as a labor of love to bring relief for Avni developed into a product with the potential to help many others.

We have all heard the old saying “doing what right isn’t always easy”. In the case of Airloom™, this couldn’t be truer. Because even after designing a new market category with a strong brand, there were still a plethora of FDA challenges and concerns to consider and overcome. And for a couple that is well known and respected in the health industry, there was an understandable concern over how this could affect their careers and reputation.

It was a huge risk for us. I already had what I needed, but there were others out there stuck in the position I had been in who were in need of a safe alternative. ~Avni Shridharani

So, they had to make a tough decision and they chose to do what they felt was right.

If we are both here to make the world a better place and truly help those around us, then how could you not help those folks that want another option at trying to support their immune system and feel better? ~Dr. Shyam Shridharani

Because of their bravery and commitment to help others, Airloom™ is a staple in the conscious seasonal wellness category that provides a safe alternative option for immune support and respiratory wellness.

Discussed in this Episode

  • Why it is imperative to share your origin story even if it seems scary
  • How to utilize the power of story to stand out in an overcrowded market
  • The importance (and necessity) of creating a brand promise you can deliver on
  • The importance of identifying your target audience in order to craft a story that serves them

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